What are Kickstarter Activities?

Kickstarter Activities (KIAs) are introductory self-guided exercises or classes by The Life Force Institute. Each activity skilfully combines aspects of mindfulness and meditative techniques in a progressive step-by-step process, which is designed to lead you through the activity. When you complete any activity, there is guidance on the expected outcome, how to evaluate your experiences, and what is necessary to ensure success when undertaking each activity.

We recommend that you start with the first five or ten “fundamental” Kickstarter Activities (KIAs), as these self-guided exercises or classes have been designed to introduce you to the methodology, theory and practices of The Life Force Institute. We have combined these fundamental activities in two special bundles, which are available to purchase and download from our webshop.

Finding Quiet Times

These days it is easy to lose the battle with Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and various apps such as Whatsapp etc taking hold of your life. If though you want to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your bright and dark sides, then you need to find some quiet time in your life.

Choose your technique such as meditation, mindfulness or the more advanced aspects of Life Force Cognition to reach the quietness within you.

Meditation Classes

The Life Force Institute offers the equivalent to meditation classes, which we call Activities.

All of the Activities available from the Life Force Institute have been designed to be self-guided. Each Activity has been carefully crafted to enable you to proceed at your own pace. These activities are available for you to purchase and download from our webshop. By making these activities available online, anyone can access this source of learning, irrespective of their location. We regularly add new Activities to the webshop. Each new activity will enable you to continue learning, exploring aspects of yourself and the energies within and around you through science and light.

Kickstarter Activities (KIAs) are introductory self-guided exercises or classes by The Life Force Institute.

Opening Day Activities

Posted today on the webshop are nine complementary information pieces and eighteen kickstarter activities. These activities cover a wide range of topics, some of which include: Mindful Breathing, Your Digital Personality, Mindful Illusions, Overthinking, Applying Daily Affirmations, Achieving Successful Directives, Your Life Force, Solar Radiance, Emotions and the Energies around You, Understanding Stress, and What Ekagrata Can Achieve for You.

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Webshop Opening

Our webshop is now open. Please take the opportunity to visit our shop simply by clicking on go shopping where you can then browse activities which have been specially crafted by The Life Force Institute.

New products and activities will be regularly added to our online shop and the latest information will always be posted on our blog when new activities are available.

For your peace-of-mind, we operate our webshop over Secure SSL technology to make your online shopping experience safer. To help make purchasing easier we allow you to sign in to the webshop using your Facebook, Google or Amazon account and you can make direct purchases from your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay.