KnowledgeEntering into a state of Cognition is to quieten your mind with a dedicated purpose of thought, so that you may begin to awaken your Life Force energies. Accessing the energies of your Life Force through cognition will enable you to bring forward the many aspects of Multi-faceted Knowledge for success, harmony and balance.

Cognition, when conducted correctly with the tools of ekagrata and creative imaging, brings about a quiet and purposeful mind. Ekagrata is the capability to build and maintain focused thought to achieve the task at hand. Creative imagery strengthens your focus of thought through your ability to imagine or visualise the end goal. These aspects can be achieved and applied in your life, no matter who you are. You are responsible for your own progress or failure. Take the time in your life to comprehend and experience what these tools can do for you.

When you are in an emotional state, the passive intellect of your mind can feed you an endless list of thoughts and corresponding emotions and feelings of self-limitations, excuses, fears and insecurities which hold you in an emotional jail. These energies of your thoughts and emotions encase you, and take their toll on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Change the preconceptions of how your mind works.

To fully realise the complexities of the mind, you must change your preconceptions concerning it. The mind is composed of many different energy levels and sub-levels through which your persona is manifest as one complete unit. Each level and sub-level of the mind is associated to a specific range of thoughts and holds these different types of thoughts and energies in storage areas, corresponding to aspects within you. The levels of mind range from the very coarse levels to higher levels of conscious thoughts and reasoning. An important point to understand is that your mind can quickly fluctuate and resonate within these different levels based upon your emotional perceptions and reactions to people or situations happening around you.

The level of mind you use and communicate through is equal to the thought patterns you allow to manifest within your mind at any given time. You may be moody, cheerful, insecure, confident, thinking clearly or confused, enjoying your work or making it a drudgery. Realise that your mind fluctuates and uses many sub mental levels and mental levels throughout any given day.

Cognition can play an important role in helping you to change your state of mind and your state of being. Within an unemotional and less fluctuating state of mind, the energies of your Life Force can rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalise all parts of you. Learning to enter into a state of cognition, will help you to bring mastery to your states of mind and to “switch off” from the world whenever you need to.

The various parts of your human mechanism often vibrate at many different frequencies, which can cause interference to your clear thought and achieving the silence of mind and thus your state of cognition. The various activities and directives provided by The Life Force Institute will assist you in bringing greater harmony and less static discourse within, so that you can achieve a more complete state of cognition.

Cognition surpasses the states of meditation.

Cognition is to achieve release from your material worries and upsets by entering into a tranquil state. As you do, your energy vibration will move into a more finite and less emotional state, into what some would call a meditative state. Cognition quietens the mind, instilling calmness and importantly surpasses the states of meditation by providing a purpose to hold the thoughts of your mind in check. Without the mind being tasked with a purpose, many people have problems meditating, as the mind will continually bring forwards thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect.

Tapping into the energies of your Life Force through Cognition moves you out of the patterns of your passive intellect, which frees you from your mental and emotional limitations. Applying these skills in your daily life, can help you to change your mental wavelengths to stay calm, balanced and in control. Learn to control your mind with Cognition, rather than your mind, emotions and feelings being the master of your life.

Cognition is a journey into the silence of your mind with a purpose, allowing you to activate your Life Force energies, to achieve levels of higher awareness and an understanding of the many states and levels within creation. As balance and control of the emotions are gained through illumement, your energy capabilities are enhanced. This can enable you to attain the fundamental qualities of good health, mental wellbeing, stability and happiness in your life.

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