Exceed Mindfulness Endeavours

Mindfulness Many scientific studies indicate there are multiple significant benefits to incorporating mindfulness practices in your life. Many people start mindful practices with a desire to relieve stress or achieve many of the other perceived benefits.

Exceed your mindfulness endeavours with The Life Force Institute

No matter where you are, or whatever your lifestyle, The Life Force Institute offers activities which leverage your inner Life Force to enable you to exceed the endeavours of most typical mindfulness training. Accessing your inner energies provides the potential to achieve greater quietness of mind and greater happiness in your life.

Some people may question mindfulness as “New Age” thinking, often referred to such thinking as: hippy-dippy, touchy-feely, follow-your-bliss and so on. Mindfulness practices have become very much mainstream in business and healthcare services, to help people deal with the challenges of daily life.

Even so, people continue to struggle with the motivation or discipline to incorporate these practices into their lives. Often these practices are mistakenly thought to be goal oriented, which moves them away from being a part of your normal way of life. The focus on the functional aspect of achieving these goals is counter to the underlying principles of living in the moment which is central to many of these practices.

This is the very reason why The Life Force Institute focuses on your intentions to take up activities such as mindfulness. Genuine intentions arise from your innate, essential nature – that is the inner you, your Life Force. See the full range of self-guided Life Force Mindfulness activities in our online shop.

Learn how to focus the power of your Life Force mind with activities from The Life Force Institute, to exceed mindfulness endeavours and match your true intentions.

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