About Us

The Life Force Institute bridges the gap to your true self. Open your mind to comprehend and understand life via the light of understanding.

Knowledge opens the mind to expand the understanding of self. Through the application of this knowledge, you will gain an understanding of why you act and think the way you do.

Your life is the expression of your mind. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you will comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your world. We are beings who exist with energy and without energy, we cannot exist at all.

Insight through science and light.

Insight and understanding come from your own personal experiences. We all strive for emotional and mental well-being, good health, stability and happiness within our lives. As you apply the knowledge gained through The Life Force Institute, these aspects are achievable.

About The Life Force

Many people today are gradually realising the presence of a separate energy to that of the physical body; an unseen power source behind the mechanism. This power source is your Life Force. Realise that as human beings we are able to see less than ten percent of the known light spectrum, limiting our perception of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within the universe and ourselves.

Realise the separate energy within you.

Through The Life Force Institute, you will gain an understanding that your physical body is just one piece of your entire being. The other component parts operate at different frequencies, to translate the more finite energies of the Life Force into reality. These component parts co-exist and interact with one another in the same space-time continuum; they are able to coexist by functioning at varying frequencies. This type of coexistence can be seen in many aspects of technology which surround us on a daily basis; where energy sources such as WiFi, TV, radio and other broadcasts invisibly fill the air whilst co-existing together.

TFLI LogoFor many of us, the flow of Life Force energy is restricted through aspects of our daily lives such as worry, unhappiness, insecurities, stress and fears. Leveraging the knowledge provided by The Life Force Institute, theory is brought into daily practice through practical activities. Through these activities, it is possible to move beyond positive thinking, become calm and improve your entire wellbeing as you awaken the inner you, your Life Force.

Through The Life Force Institute you can gain information and knowledge in the following aspects:

  • Through Knowledge you can access the energies of your Life Force to bring forward the many aspects including success, harmony and balance.
  • Take the step beyond meditation, as you become more aware of the full potential of your own Life Force.
  • Discover how Universal Energies and Healing are intertwined and can be directed and harnessed to bring about improved health and vitality.
  • Revealing the Life Force allows you to improve your wellbeing as you unshackle the limitations which bind you.
  • The full creative potential and reasoning of your mind can be amplified through your Life Force energies thus achieving Clarity of Mind.
  • Appreciate how to Rebalance your Emotions, through the realisation of how your bodies absorb and transform the energies within and around you into feelings.
  • Through the application of your Life Force, gain the insight and understanding to redirect and focus your mind to bring about Tranquillity of Thought.
  • Through a Mindful state of being, appreciate the reality that you are Life Force, better able to comprehend that existence is both simple and yet complex.

Exceed aspects of meditation, mindfulness and go beyond positive thinking with activities from The Life Force Institute.

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