The Year of Calmness

How often have you wished to find that moment calm for yourself?  Make Twenty20 the year of Calmness.  In a busy and seemingly chaotic world, we all need to carve out some time for ourselves, if only for a few fleeting seconds each day.

Learn how to achieve a simple calmness, the ability to observe your thoughts, and how to pause your thinking to control your reactions. You can attain the fundamental qualities of good health, wellbeing and happiness in your life.

Granting Gratitude

Gratitude is an often forgotten virtue in today’s modern world.  Gratitude is simply the quality of being thankful, or the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Many people are unaware of how expressing gratitude can change their lives for the better. Through granting gratitude to others, you are expressing a sense of kindness which can flow on your words or through the deeds of your actions.

You can grant gratitude to others by truly listening to what they have to say, without criticising or judging them.  To express your gratitude, you can thank someone as a sign of appreciation. Sometimes even a simple smile or the appropriate words to say thank you in the local language, will make a person’s day.

So take the opportunity to express some kindness with gratitude into the world around you.

Dealing with Strong Emotions

One of the most commonly asked questions is how can meditation or similar practices help deal with strong damaging emotions, such as anger, hatred, and jealousy.

The good news is, that if you are asking the question, you are already part of the way to the answer. The fact that you have asked the question indicates that you may have been sufficiently mindful and observant to notice the negative states of your mind.  Which, by the way, is not an easy accomplishment. Most people are entirely absorbed in their emotions and have limited self-awareness. Generally, those who ask this question have noticed what is happening in their minds as they were being swept into a whirlwind of negative emotions.

The best course of action is that you need to learn to become the master of your mind as well as your emotions. The moment that you feel a strong emotion building, first pause so that you can regain control and not fall into the pending onslaught of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Once you have paused the reactionary processes of your mind, the most effective choice is not to participate. In effect, you do not want that emotion or that emotional reaction to be a part of you. If you feel sufficiently in control, you may take the time to observe the emotion, but always push those emotional aspects away as you do not want them to become part of your life. Applying aspects of Life Force Cognition can help to bring greater control to your mind to help you deal with such situations.

To Yourself Be Kind

Busy in our lives, we often forget about all of the small things. Take the opportunity to celebrate your life and the achievements you make daily.

Strive to be kind to yourself, do not dwell on the things which you could have done better.  Instead, look at what you have achieved and reward your achievements.  If there is a possibility for improvement, then use this time wisely to acknowledge the learning opportunity which is being presented.

Remember your achievements and keep their memories alive, as they can give you strength for when challenges invariably appear in your life. Live your life with awareness, as you are who you choose to be.

Become Aware

How many times do we look back at situations in our lives and recognise that, with hindsight, we could have acted or reacted differently? If you become aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, then you have the opportunity to no longer become lost in these aspects. When you are angry, be aware of your anger. If you become stressed, be aware of your stress. When you become annoyed or irritated, be aware of your irritation.

As soon as you become aware of these thoughts, emotions or feelings, you have the opportunity to choose how to act or react. Your awareness allows you to become mindful as you witness these aspects as if you were viewing them from the outside looking in. Once you are aware, you can pause, then make a choice to change your way of thinking or react differently.

What are Emotions?

People often wonder: What is the basis of emotions which seem to rule many people’s lives? At the most basic level, emotions are lower level responses occurring within areas of the brain and mental form, in response to stimuli and thoughts. Emotions themselves are often short-lived, but lead to longer-term mental associations. Over time, your emotional responses are subjectively blended with personal experience, beliefs and memories to create your feelings.

Take the opportunity observe your thoughts and emotional reactions in life, so that you can choose how to respond, rather than just reacting with passive intellect.

Fundamental Fifth Step

The fundamental Fifth Step activity helps you to identify the endless conditioned thoughts which lead to overthinking. When overthinking starts to consume your life, it can become a serious problem.

The activity will extend on your mindful breathing and Line of Light to centre yourself, calm your mind, relax your body, balance your emotions and instil a healthiness of mind. Stop to identify the endless conditioned thoughts which lead to overthinking, which if left unchecked, can consume your life.

Applying Knowledge

Knowledge can open your mind to expand the understanding of yourself. Through such knowledge, you may gain an understanding of why you act and think the way you do.

Achieving a quietness within, will enable you to bring forward many aspects of knowledge for success, harmony and balance.

A Life’s Journey

As you continue forward on your sojourn on planet Earth, strive for true understanding and harmlessness to manifest through you. True harmlessness works through right thought governed by active intellect right speech, governed by self-control, which manifests into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life.

As you do, you will find your own life to be meaningful, and at the same time, perhaps you can bring others along the same path of illumement.

Building Effective Habits

You should strive to create habits in the way in which you want to be. Make a habit to think and evaluate more; effectively putting your conscious mind into gear before reacting to life.

Everything you do, you should do thoroughly, and to the best of your ability. No matter what you do in life, be proud of what you are and what you do. Always aim to be that person of warmth and kindness with a sense of happiness and humour within you at all times.

A Thinking Mind to Evaluate Reason & Learn

You have a mind to think, evaluate, reason & learn. Energy is the catalyst and creative force of the universe and life within it, which brings into existence atoms, molecules, planets, stars and galaxies. The human form is created of the same substance and controlled by the same energies; but is endowed with a mind to think, evaluate, reason and learn.

Take the time to pause and think with active intellect, so that you can master your own thoughts.