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Here you will find information, activities and other media to purchase and download. Our site is secured by SSL Mcafee Security for your safety and protection. As new material becomes available, we will provide updates via our Blog.

In order for us to make accessing your purchases reliable and safe, it is necessary that you sign-in to your existing account or create an account with us when making a purchase. We have simplified account creation or sign-in by allowing you to use social media accounts such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. If you choose to use your social media account, then you will not need to remember an additional password for our webshop and the processes of signing-in, ordering and accessing your purchases will be streamlined and simplified.

If this is your first purchase with us, after you complete your purchase, we will send you an email confirming your account with us. If you have not elected to use your social media sign-in, then we will send you an additional email with your initial password, which you should change at your earliest convenience.

Accessing Your Purchases

When you purchase an item from us, it will be available to download via a link from my downloads as well as a link in the order complete eMail which we will send to you.

Downloads may beprovided in the following file formats, an audio file being provided as MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer III), a video file being provided as MP4 and all other documents as PDF (Portable Document Format). To access PDF documents which you download from us, you will need to provide the email address assigned to your account to unlock the file, as we secure each PDF file with a password unique for each customer. To view or print PDF documents, your device will require appropriate software. If your device does not have the appropriate software, please visit adobe.com/reader to obtain the necessary software. Similarly to listen to or watch MP3 or MP4 files, your device will require appropriate software.

All downloads will be available for you to access up to three times or seven days from the time of purchase. Please ensure that you download your purchases promptly and save them in a safe place.

Selecting your Currency

The default shop currency for our webshop is in British Pounds (GBP). For your convenience, we have provided the ability for you to have the price of items in the shop and your shopping basket to be displayed in several local currencies.

If you wish to change the shop currency, simply click on the select currency item on this page or on the shopping basket page. When you select a different currency, then all prices will then be displayed in your chosen currency.

Navigating our Webshop

You can navigate or browse our webshop by clicking on the go shopping link. For your convenience, we have arranged items in our webshop into a number of primary and secondary categories. For each category, the number of items contained within that category will be displayed under the category image.

You can add items to your shopping basket directly from a category or subcategory page, by clicking on the add to basket button. If you wish to see more information about an individual product, click on the item itself and a page will be displayed, which contains all the relevant information about the selected product.

At any time if you wish to go to a higher level or different location within the webshop, simply using the list of breadcrumb options which are displayed in yellow below the main site menu.

Managing your Shopping Basket

If you are happy that you have all the items in your shopping basket, then simply press the Proceed to checkout button.

To display the items in your basket in a different currency, simply click on the select currency item at the top of the shopping basket page. Then all prices will then be displayed in your chosen currency.

If you are missing an item, then click on go shopping from the menu and locate the additional items which you wish to add.

If you wish to change items in your basket, you can remove items or change their quantities directly on the shopping basket page. If you wish to remove an item, then simply click the red cross in front of any item in the basket. To change the quantity of an item, click on the up or down arrows which will appear adjacent to the quantity number and the basket will be automatically updated.

Making a Purchase – Going to the Checkout

The checkout page allows you to complete the purchase of items from our webshop in a few easy steps.

If you are a new customer, then we encourage you to sign-on using one of your preferred social media accounts as this simplified the ordering process. Alternatively, if you already have an account with us, then please login to your account. After successful sign-in or login, all of your customer details will then be updated on the checkout page

Please ensure that you complete all items marked with a red star (*) on the checkout pages as these items as required to complete the order. Once all of the necessary information has been entered, then select your payment method and check that you have selected the checkbox that you have read and accepted our terms.

Then click on the Proceed to checkout button to proceed with your purchase. If you choose to pay via PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal site to make a payment.

Once the payment is complete, then the details of your order will then be displayed, and you can access your purchases.

Accessing Your Account

After you have purchased an item from us, then an account will have been created for you on our systems. This allows you to sign-in or login to access your purchased downloads, view your orders, change your details or change your password.

You can access your account with us using either social media sign-in or by supplying the login credentials which were supplied to you when the account was created. Links to access My Account are provided from the main menu as well as various locations throughout the webshop..

Terms and Licensing

When you purchase an item from us, you must agree to our terms and conditions on the checkout page which include our terms of salePlease be aware that all items are copyrighted and licensed to you according to our terms. If you do not agree to any of these terms, terms of sale or privacy policy, then you must stop using this website or all material from us.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, please contact us at thelifeforceinstitute@gmail.com or visit our contact us page for more information.Copyright © The Life Force Institute, all rights reserved.