Achieve Wellbeing

WellbeingThrough The Life Force Institute knowledge and activities, you will not just learn to understand how to turn on the light of your Life Force, but also how to apply this to become a more balanced individual.

Directives are one of the key stepping stones for all the activities that are available through The Life Force Institute. Successful directives are always positive, determined, straightforward, confident and focussed. The application of directives in the activities and exercises provided by The Life Force Institute will give you the power to direct your energies in one direction at one given moment.

Through the use of directives, you will learn how to train and take control of your mind to enter into a state of Cognition. Through Cognition, you are able to promote relaxation of your form and quieten your mind; then you can begin to open the doorway to your Life Force and appreciate the Universal Force. You will learn how Cognition, as instructed through The Life Force Institute, can be practised in combination with directives, creative imaging (visualisation) and ekagrata (focused thought), to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

The cornerstones for all the information which is bought forward through The Life Force Institute is that all knowledge and teaching will uphold four key tenants, being: Factual | Truthful | Ethical | Untainted.

Through The Life Force Institute learn to become a balanced individual.

The Life Force Institute offers several means to access this knowledge and teaching:

  • Information and other updates will be regularly available via our site & blog.
  • Lectures and workshops are conducted in select locations, please contact us at for more details.
  • Downloadable activities are regularly available through our webshop.
  • Audio activities are planned to be available through our webshop.
  • Electronic books are planned to be available through our webshop.
  • Additional means will be continually reviewed to determine the most effective ways to disseminate the information in accordance with our key tenants.
  • Special event workshops can be conducted on an as requested basis in your region, please contact us at to arrange special events.
  • If you are interested in training to become a facilitator or custodian for The Life Force Institute, then please contact us at
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