Understanding Thought

WellbeingThought is a fundamental human activity familiar to everyone, and something all of us do every day. The complexity of the brain and thought can be demonstrated as you read these words. From a functional and biological perspective, the photons of light associated with the patterns of these letters are focused onto the retina of your eye. These photons cause chemical reactions in the receptors of the retina. The receptors convert the energy of the photon into an electrical signal, which can then be conducted by the neurones (nerve cells) of the nervous system. The electrical signal propagates along the neurones, and as it reaches the end of an axon of each neurone, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapses between adjacent neurones. The target neuron responds with its own electrical signal, which then in-turn propagates to other neurons along the optic nerves and into the brain. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons within many interconnected areas of your brain, and you have perceived these words.

The human brain is composed of about one hundred billion neurones, which are then interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. Each of these connections could be transmitting between one and a thousand transmissions per second to produce the mechanism which we know as thought, in the physical brain. It is important to comprehend that the brain is only part of a complex mechanism which involves the complete mental form as thoughts become manifest, not only as electrochemical connections of the brain, but as electromagnetic impulses. Some cognitive scientists have begun to realise that thought is not limited to the brain, but simultaneously takes place in the brain and the body. It is this electromagnetic nature of thought, which allows its propagation through the brain, the body and the environment around us.

Thought is a fundamental human activity. Thought is not limited to the brain, but is electromagnetic energy.

As thoughts are created through an electromagnetic impulse, thoughts are in themselves energy. Let us consider that a thought is created and usually directed; and by so doing, you have put within the thought your own energy. On a basic level, you can think of this energy of thought as the physical material energy which is derived from the metabolism of sugars within the neurones and glial cells of the physical brain. You should also consider the energy of thought as being the magnetic energies flowing through the mental form to enliven the thoughts produced in your physical brain. In either way, your thoughts have been energised by your life energy. You create thought with energy within the brain and mental mind, and then since everything in creation is formed from energy, then it stands to reason, thoughts are energies.

Emotions are lower level responses occurring within areas of the brain and mental form, as a result to stimuli and thoughts. Emotions themselves are often short-term in nature, but lead to longer-term mental associations and reactions. Your emotional responses are subjectively blended with personal experience, beliefs and memories to create your feelings. These feelings are then the by-product of your passive intellect perceiving and assigning meaning to the emotion and thoughts.

Feelings which have been sparked by emotions then become coloured by the memories and images that have become subconsciously linked with that particular emotion for you. However, it works the other way around also; as thinking about a threatening situation, can trigger an emotional fear response within you, which leaves a long lasting feeling of fear of that situation.

Positive thoughts, emotions and feelings shine throughout all parts of you.

Negative aspects of thought, emotions and feelings are of a dark colour. The dark colour of negative, unconstructive, coarse or detrimental aspects oozes into and through the cells of your body, leading to blockages or overloads. Whereas positive aspects, such as warmth, kindness and sincerity have radiance which shines out, rejuvenating, repairing and replenishing the cells of your body. Through learning to use active intelligence to evaluate and change your thinking, you can bring about wellbeing of self.

Through the knowledge and activities of The Life Force Institute, you can learn to evaluate and change your patterns of thinking to bring about the wellbeing of self. Take the opportunity to modify or control the thought patterns which are detrimental to your health and welfare.

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