Know Yourself First

One of the aspects of attunement, awakening or meditation which is often overlooked by those starting on the journey, is the importance of knowing yourself.

If you do not understand yourself, your thoughts, emotions, reactions, aspirations and fears, then you will always struggle to be in harmony within yourself. Any form of awakening or meditation will lead to an inevitable increase in the energies of your true self. As these energies increase within you, if left unchecked, they can cause issues as they feed your own emotions, reactions and fears. If you do not know yourself, you may seek to blame others for your problems, when in fact the challenges are within you caused by the awakening of your own inner energies feeding aspects hidden deep within your own persona.

Without this knowledge of yourself, you cannot know who you appear to be, even though you are you. This is a paradox, to say the least; but one which must be overcome.

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