Choosing to Remain Neutral

The key to understanding negativity is how you respond to life and living. You can choose to react to unfavourable thoughts and become associated with the emotional repercussions. Alternatively, you can stop briefly, keep your balance, and choose not to react. In result, you are remaining neutral to the unfavourable or negative aspects.

Involved in Our Reactions

Very few of us comprehend, how much we become entirely involved with our strong ideas and psychological reactions in our lives. Being so involved, we never have the opportunity to consider that it is our mind, which creates a very large percentage of the illness, distress, fear and even depression.

The Year of Calmness

How often have you wished to find that moment calm for yourself?  Make Twenty20 the year of Calmness.  In a busy and seemingly chaotic world, we all need to carve out some time for ourselves, if only for a few fleeting seconds each day.

Learn how to achieve a simple calmness, the ability to observe your thoughts, and how to pause your thinking to control your reactions. You can attain the fundamental qualities of good health, wellbeing and happiness in your life.

Boost your Mood

Thanks to what appears to be an evolutionary hangover in our minds,  when both positive and negative things happen, we are more likely to pay attention to the negatives. However, you are in charge of your thoughts.   Boost your mood by taking on the fight against negativity bias.

Take the opportunity to boost your mood by making a deliberate effort to seek out the positive aspects of life. To focus on the positives, try recalling or counting acts of kindness, praise, or simply savouring beautiful moments.  Devote your attention to the positive aspects of life to boost your mood.

Solar Radiance for your Wellbeing

Solar Radiance is a cosmic energy of life, which can be utilised for your health and wellbeing. The flow of energy throughout the human mechanism is vital for your continued wellbeing.  Over time your energy pathways, often referred to as “meridians”, can become restricted due to the buildup of various emotional blockages.

Through the applications in this Kickstarter activity, you will leverage Solar Radiance to clear your energy pathways of obstructions and inclusions. Unclogging your energy pathways allows your own energies to flow freely through the energy pathways to nourish all parts of you. You can additionally utilise Solar Radiance to revitalise and rejuvenate all parts of your being.

Take a Social Media Holiday

Do you find yourself checking social media 24/7 — fearful you may miss some post, tweet, story, image or video? Perhaps it is time to stop clicking and start thinking about how to make the most of life. Social media has become such an integral part of our lives, yet it is easy to forget that it has only been around for a few years.

Social media is a powerful and brilliant tool; but it is just that – a tool. It has done wonderful things to bring like-minded people together and to virtually shrink the world.  Communication has broadened and you can reach further around the world because of social media. There are many positives in the creation and growth of social media. However, you should make a conscious effort to decide how often to use it, how much of yourself to invest in it, and how and when you respond to other’s content.

Take some time out for a Social Media Holiday. Declaring a self-imposed digital ban for many is not practical nor sustainable. But simple rules, such as no scrolling in the first hour of the day, while eating, or after 9pm may be more achievable. In this way, establishing boundaries and being mindful of your usage, as well as your reactions, you are more likely to enjoy a healthy relationship with social media. So look to start taking a break today with a holiday away from your social media.

Diversity in Meditation

Meditation is a group of broadly similar practices, or sets of practices which are found across many cultures and traditions.

Meditation has been practised since ancient times in most religious traditions and beliefs. There is considerable homogeneity in meditative practices across the various traditions, despite there being over fifty methods for developing mindfulness and forty for developing concentration.

Contemplation is a very old and important meditation technique and is an important aspect to achieve Life Force Meditation.  Why not explore some of the diverse aspects of meditation today?

The Power of Thoughts

Many of us are familiar with the concepts of positive thinking. You may have read or even understand how the use of mantras and other means can give us all the opportunity to bring forward aspects within our lives.

But, have you really taken the time to consider the power of your own thoughts. If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative or detrimental thought again. Take the time to contemplate the power of your thoughts and how powerfully they affect your life.

Do Not Be too Negative

Often a lot of emphasis nowadays is placed on things being negative; without understanding it is how you act, which is the key. It is important to understand that negative energies are part of the universe and part of the circle of life; as night is to day, or ying is to yang. Realise that negative energies exist and are necessary to maintain the balance in the Universe. Knowing that there is a natural flow of energy from negative to positive to form a complete circuit, in the same way that the field of a magnet flows from north to south and then back through the body of the magnet.

The key to understanding negativity is how you react to life and living. You can choose to react to negative energies and become involved in the emotional consequences. Alternatively, you can pause, keep your balance, and choose not to react. In effect, you are staying neutral to the negative influences.

The Second Fundamental Bundle

The second fundamental bundle helps anyone continue with activities with a dedicated purpose of thought to awaken your inner Life Force energies. Each of the five activities provides you with a means to instil directives within your mind. Then as you progress, you will learn to access the hidden potential of your Life Force energies.

This special bundle includes: Fundamental06 Vacuus and Sunya – introducing directives as an important key to achieve emptiness and quietness of mind. Fundamental07 Awakening Your Life Force Energies – leveraging directives to awaken your Life Force energies so that you may experience and appreciate the very existence of your Life Force. Fundamental08 Enlivening and Expanding Your Life Force Energies – enables you to enliven and expand your Life Force energies to envelop and encompass all parts of you. Fundamental09 Raising Your Life Force Energies Upwards – utilises Ekagrata to raise your Life Force energies upwards throughout your whole being. Finally, Fundamental10 Attaining Life Force Cognition – On raising your Life Force energies upwards within, you are then capable of achieving a state of Cognition within your Life Force mind.