Opening Day Activities

Posted today on the webshop are nine complementary information pieces and eighteen kickstarter activities. These activities cover a wide range of topics, some of which include: Mindful Breathing, Your Digital Personality, Mindful Illusions, Overthinking, Applying Daily Affirmations, Achieving Successful Directives, Your Life Force, Solar Radiance, Emotions and the Energies around You, Understanding Stress, and What Ekagrata Can Achieve for You.

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Webshop Opening

Our webshop is now open. Please take the opportunity to visit our shop simply by clicking on go shopping where you can then browse activities which have been specially crafted by The Life Force Institute.

New products and activities will be regularly added to our online shop and the latest information will always be posted on our blog when new activities are available.

For your peace-of-mind, we operate our webshop over Secure SSL technology to make your online shopping experience safer. To help make purchasing easier we allow you to sign in to the webshop using your Facebook, Google or Amazon account and you can make direct purchases from your smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Living Life with Higher Reasoning

The awakening of your Life Force has to be controlled by you, as you adjust to the energies of your Life Force on a gradual basis.

When you bring forward your Life Force over time with Cognition and the process of Ekagrata you can higher levels of awareness.

Your Life Force will try to release itself from the emotional instability of the human body; to gain control of your life, so that you can live every thought, emotion and feeling with high reasoning.

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Updating your Lifestyle with Health & Happiness

The Life Force Institute bridges the gap of material life and the inner nature of the Life Force, illuminating your life through science and light.

Through The Life Force Institute you will comprehend how the energies of thoughts and emotions shape your world. We are beings who exist with energy and without energy we cannot exist at all.

Insight and understanding comes from your own personal experiences. We all strive for good health, happiness and wellbeing within our lives. As you apply the knowledge gained through The Life Force Institute, these aspects are achievable.

Over the past months the custodians have been busy integrating Social Media into our website as well as providing a means for our followers on these many different platforms to be kept up to date with new information as it becomes available.

If you wish to receive updated information from The Life Force Institute you can visit our blog at or or you can follow us on various Social Media Networks.


Realise Your Energy

Humanity has been living within the human form but the energy structure we live within is not fully understood. For personal wellbeing, the functioning of this intricate mechanism needs to be a priority. Even though the physical form seems solid, it is largely void. Understand your energy that the underlying power source is the Life Force.

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