The Universal Force

KnowledgeThe Universal Force is present throughout the universe. Open your mind, even if only for a brief moment, to expand your consciousness beyond the boundaries of time and space. Take a moment to glimpse the magnitude of creation and marvel at its wonderment within the stars and its creative force within the human form. Contemplate that you are within the Universal Force and the Universal Force is within you.

Creation within more finite states is undoubtedly not perceivable to the ordinary senses. The Universal Force, all that is energy, is present throughout the universe. It is an energy which is throughout all of the atoms and molecules; as well as being present throughout all galaxies of the cosmos, transcending and within all the trillions upon trillions of stars and planets within the universe. The Universal Force is within all time and space, being the limitless creative energy of perfect harmlessness. The Universal Force is not a deity or mystical being, but is omnipotent energy; the oneness of pure creation from which everything is derived. All of creation is a manifestation of the Universal Force through the aspect of “All that I am.”

The Universal Force permeates all things to keep them vital.

The Universal Force permeates all things and manifests to keep them alive and vital. This Vital Force of Creation consists of minute particles of energy which flow from the Universal Force. It feeds everything and maintains the structure of the Universe as we know and perceive it. Without the Universal Force and the Vital Force, all matter would decay into an uncontrolled state or higher state of entropy.

There is a reservoir of universal energy and Vital Force all around you. You are immersed within the energies of the Universal Force, but so few people are aware of its existence. The energies of the Universal Force fills the void with Prema, an omnipresent power of harmlessness. Knowing and experiencing this energy as you breathe it into every part of your being can bring great strength, harmony and upliftment to all aspects of your life.

Achieving harmlessness of your Life Force will call forth all your resources.

Harmlessness, in this positive sense, instils a strength of purpose and volition within your life for full attainment of your goals with balance and harmony. Do not confuse this harmlessness achieved through illumement with that which comes from weakness, lack of power and a sentimental, loving disposition. Harmlessness achieved through cognition and illumement springs from the true understanding and control of your passive intellect, mental mind and persona through your Life Force. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life – as true harmlessness works through right thought, governed by active intellect; right speech, governed by self-control and manifest into right action. Your quest to achieve true harmlessness of your Life Force, will take considerable time to achieve, as you will need to call forth all the resources of your being.

In life, if you want to be happy, you can, the choice is yours. Realise that negativity creates sickness, while conversely, happiness creates health. Learning to harmonise and balance with the Universal Force of goodness and kindness within ourselves, brings forward the fullest state of illumement. An all-encompassing illumement can be attained through cognition and the application of active intellect to bring balance, calmness and harmlessness within all aspects of your life.

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