The Energy Mechanism

WellbeingAn aspect for wellbeing when looking at the physical form, is the importance of the flow of energy through the various energy mechanisms of the human form. The energy circuits or meridians supply energy to all parts of you. The term meridians describes the energy distribution system as defined in Chinese medicine, and detail how the basic substances of the body permeate the whole body. The individual meridians are often described as pathways or channels which reflects the idea of carrying, holding, or transporting blood, body fluids and chi around the body. Chi is the Taoist concept of the Life Force, which permeates all matter and infuses it with life.

The body’s vital energy circulates along these pathways and their many thousands of distribution points. When the need arises through sickness or ill health, energy can be bought forward or applied to anyone of those points to bring within a natural healing energy flow.

The Life Force infuses matter with life. These energies circulate along interconnecting pathways throughout your form.

On a normal basis, Solar Radiance and Universal Light flow through the various interconnected energy pathways, to vitalise and nourish all parts of you with life giving energy. Upon many occasions when sickness occurs, it has been created through congestion and constriction of these energy pathways, caused through deep seated feelings and emotions which have built up residue. This build-up of residue obstructs or limits sufficient energy flow which is needed by the human mechanism for the wellbeing of self.

We tend to forget that material matter has been created from universal matter, not vice versa. Through The Life Force Institute knowledge and activities, the flow of energies within the physical form can be comprehended and stimulated with energies derived from universal matter, such as Solar Radiance.

There are four primary energy sources for the human mechanism. These include the air which we breathe and the food we eat; both which power the biochemical mechanism of the physical form. In addition to these biochemical inputs, there are two less understood components. The energy components being your own Life Force energy and the Universal light manifesting as Solar Radiance.

Solar Radiance is a cosmic energy of life which is found present throughout the galaxy. Solar Radiance is the infinite radiation of the Sun and is around you at all times (even on cloudy days). Solar Radiance is one of the energies which keeps you alive and well, though vitalisation and nurturing of your form. Solar Radiance is a component of the Universal Light; both being energies which you can learn to more effectively tap into, for the wellbeing of self.

For your physical health as well as mental and emotional wellbeing, through The Life Force Institute activities and workshops, you can learn to apply the energies of your Life Force and Solar Radiance to:

  • Calm your thoughts within to achieve greater wellbeing of self.
  • Balance your inner emotions to achieve greater wellbeing.
  • Energise and nourish the cells of the physical form.
  • Reduce the blockages in your meridians, thereby allowing a smoother flow throughout your energy matrix.
  • Clearing emotional build-up and residue for improved wellbeing.
  • Bring health and wellbeing to all parts of the body and mind.
  • Vitalise, energise and nurture all parts of you.
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