KIA0015 Calming Your Nervous System


Take the opportunity to manage stress, by calming your nervous system through your Life Force energies, and removing negative energies which cause overload to yourself.


This fundamental activity introduces you to further knowledge of your Life Force energies and their application in your daily life, as a means to calm and balance your nervous system.

Stress pulls you down physically, mentally and emotionally, lowering your ways of thinking down to lower frequencies. Stress increases energy into the body, which then creates a further overload which weakens the human mechanism. The impact of stress is felt throughout the nervous system of the body. Stress then dulls the intellect as the causal (cause and effect) reaction continues to feed emotional responses of a lower frequency.

Within a calm and balanced state of your Life Force cognition, you can apply your inner Life Force energies to calm your nervous system. This is extremely helpful to lessen the destructive effects of prolonged stress.


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