KIA0017 Recharging and Retaining Your Energies


Gain an appreciation of how your thoughts are composed and processed. Then learn how to recharge the energies of your human mechanism and retain them within you.


This Kickstarter activity introduces a means to recharge and retain the energies of your human mechanism.

When the energies of thoughts and emotions overload within you, their impact is detrimental to your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Your body will feel drained, depleted and tired. Your mind also then feels cloudy or erratic. All parts of you feel the impact of the energies of thoughts and emotional reactions, whether they are your own or from others.

Recharging your human mechanism is as important as regularly recharging your smartphone or tablet. Through directives, you are able to recharge the energies of the component parts of you, as well as retain the energies within you so that you do not become avoidably depleted of energy.


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