KIA0013 Ekagrata Beyond Mindfulness


Through the application of Ekagrata in your life, you have the opportunity to change. With right thoughts comes right action, you can surpass the achievements of mindfulness.


This Kickstarter activity introduces you to Ekagrata. Ekagrata is holding your mind in a focussed direction at one given time; to control other thoughts and keep them subdued, maintaining your mind on your original thought.

Within this activity you touch on the truth and reality of your mind. Have you recognised how dominant and assertive your mind can be when you try to shut off your thinking, and your mind pays no attention to you?

To overcome and control your thoughts, more power is needed. Ekagrata is not just a term of application. Ekagrata is a power to build within you; a power to create, to mould, to build, to change; to transform aspects of your thoughts, emotions, personality, and situations within your life etc. Ekagrata can take you beyond the achievements of mindfulness.


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