KIA0012 Resonate to a Different Frequency


Your mind operates on many different frequencies. Via your Life Force Cognition, resonate to a different frequency to stop riding the emotional roller coaster of life.


This activity enables you to change your way of thinking to a different or higher frequency. Your thoughts and the thought of others, radiate out into the atmosphere around you, which affects your way of thinking.

Within each of us, our mind operates on many different frequencies throughout the day. When you resonate to a different or higher frequency, you can raise yourself out of the quagmire of destructive emotional patterns of thinking; be it your own or that of others you have absorbed within you.

You awaken your Life Force energies, then flow into Life Force Cognition to empower your directives. Through directives, you resonate at a different frequency to rise above your reactionary thoughts, emotions and feelings.


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