BRTHE002 Breathe – Spark of Happiness


FREE Activity: The power of carefully placing thoughts are often forgotten. Stop to take a few breaths to awaken the spark of happiness within your life.


Breathe with Purpose are free activities provided by The Life Force Institute introducing you to some simple self-guided activities which have been enriched by our unique methodology.

Each of us breathes throughout the day, but for the most part, this activity goes unnoticed as this bodily function is controlled through the autonomic nervous system. Through becoming observant of your own breathing, you can become more mindful of the moment. We all have the capacity to be mindful, to pay attention to the present moment.

In the following activity, you will place a simple thought “my happiness is alive” within the back of your mind, where the thought taps into your true intentions. As you continue to be mindful of your breathing, you repeat this thought with each successive breath. When you exhale, the thoughts which you have placed within, will flow forward into your conscious mind and normal way of thinking to fill you completely.

The product includes the following items:
– Fully documented activity available as a PDF.


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