The Power of Thoughts

Many of us are familiar with the concepts of positive thinking. You may have read or even understand how the use of mantras and other means can give us all the opportunity to bring forward aspects within our lives.

But, have you really taken the time to consider the power of your own thoughts. If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative or detrimental thought again. Take the time to contemplate the power of your thoughts and how powerfully they affect your life.

Granting Gratitude

Gratitude is an often forgotten virtue in today’s modern world.  Gratitude is simply the quality of being thankful, or the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Many people are unaware of how expressing gratitude can change their lives for the better. Through granting gratitude to others, you are expressing a sense of kindness which can flow on your words or through the deeds of your actions.

You can grant gratitude to others by truly listening to what they have to say, without criticising or judging them.  To express your gratitude, you can thank someone as a sign of appreciation. Sometimes even a simple smile or the appropriate words to say thank you in the local language, will make a person’s day.

So take the opportunity to express some kindness with gratitude into the world around you.

Be Purposeful

Be purposeful with your Mindfulness – as it is not about slowing down or speeding up!

A mindful practise is about doing things on purpose and with purpose. Sometimes you may speed up, other time you may slow down – it is about the balance and being mindful of the circumstance in which you find yourself at any given time. So take the time to be purposeful with your mindfulness endeavours.

What is Inner Knowledge

The progression of knowledge from potential to actual is activated by the energies of your Life Force and the intuition within. It is through your intuition working from your Life Force that you can comprehend those hidden truths which evade sensual observations and rational opinions.

All knowledge comes about through the union of the human mind and active intelligence. Inner knowledge can open your mind to expand the understanding of yourself. It can bring forth illumination to your life with a realisation of the tremendous hidden potential within each of us.

When to Meditate

Many people ask when or what time of day should I meditate?  There is no golden rule on the subject, but most will agree that the most important aspect is to create some time for you, irrespective of the time of day or any schedule.

While formal meditation practice in a peaceful place where you are unlikely to be disturbed is beneficial, there should be no reason why you can not apply aspects at other times or places in your life. You can apply aspects of mindfulness, meditation or Life Force cognition at any time and in any place. Indeed it can often be in these hectic or uncontrolled moments when you need the benefits of these practices the most.

There are many times throughout the day when you can apply your attention to help bring aspects of calmness within you. When you are on a train or bus, you could bring your attention to your breath. As you walk down the street, or through the park, you could focus on the sounds you hear. What’s important is that you are in that moment, mindfulness should not be a chore to be performed once a week.

Many of the aspects of Breathe with Purpose and Life Force Mindfulness, once programmed within your mind, can be easily recalled and applied at any time in your life. You can apply these techniques without the rigour of a schedule; all that you need is sufficient time on commencing any activity, then you can benefit from their application at any time in your life.

Pure Attention

Pure attention is one of the highest forms of intellect. Often as humankind, we dive into the muddy water of emotional entanglements as we try to conquer or control things in our lives.  When instead, our best course of action would have been to pause, then become observant. As you try to understand something, it is usually best to set aside your preconceptions and observe it through the quietness of mind. This way, your observation will reveal what needs to be comprehended or understood.

Pure attention without judgment is not only the highest form of human intelligence, but also the expression of harmlessness. Take the time to observe through the quietness of mind.

Boost your Mindfulness

Some people may still question mindfulness as New Age thinking, but numerous mindfulness techniques have become part of business and healthcare services, to help people deal with the challenges of daily life.

However, for many people, these benefits lay unrealised as the various techniques do not deliver on the original intent. For others, mindfulness often lays abandoned on the scrapheap like last year’s resolutions. Focus on the true intentions of your Life Force to boost your mindfulness.

What is the Universal Force?

The Universal Force permeates all things and maintains the structure of the Universe as we know and perceive it. Without the Universal Force all matter would decay into an uncontrolled state or into a higher state of entropy. We are all immersed within the energies of the Universal Force, but so few people are aware of its existence. The energies of the Universal Force fills space with Prema, an omnipresent energy of harmlessness.

Knowing and experiencing the energy of the Universal Force as you breathe it into every part of your being, can bring great strength, harmony and upliftment to all aspects of your life.

Fundamental Fourth Step

The fundamental Fourth Step activity investigates how excuses of your mind can be a major factor for not changing aspects of your life. You will investigate thoughts and emotional responses which arise due to the words or actions of others.

The activity will extend on your mindful breathing and Line of Light to centre yourself and bring your emotions into balance. Take this opportunity to reevaluate your thinking and realise how the excuses of your mind can affect you for not making changes in your life.

Comprehending Meditation

There are many different types of meditation practised across the world. In many western cultures, various meditative practices have evolved to include: mindful breathing, mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation, to help people deal with life and improve their cognitive capabilities. Many aspects of meditation involve bringing your mind’s attention to the present without wandering back to the past or drifting into the future.

Task your mind and meditation with a renewed focus in order to more adequately deal with the challenges of life and living. Apply your focus and set clear intentions, so that you may follow through on this regularly during your meditations.

A Life’s Journey

As you continue forward on your sojourn on planet Earth, strive for true understanding and harmlessness to manifest through you. True harmlessness works through right thought governed by active intellect right speech, governed by self-control, which manifests into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life.

As you do, you will find your own life to be meaningful, and at the same time, perhaps you can bring others along the same path of illumement.

What is Harmlessness?

Harmlessness instils a strength of purpose and volition within your life for full attainment of your intentions. Harmlessness achieved through illumement springs from the control of your passive intellect, and through the understanding of your mind and persona.

True harmlessness works through right thought, governed by active intellect; right speech, governed by self-control and manifest into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life. Consider how to incorporate harmlessness into your everyday life.

Be Mindful with Attention

Many of us have embarked upon a mindfulness journey with the desire to relieve stress or achieve some calmness in our lives. Applying mindfulness, to pay attention to the present moment gives you the opportunity to be observant of your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as aspects of the world around you.

A key principle of any mindful practice you undertake should provide you with the means to direct your attention to where it is needed.