Diversity in Meditation

Meditation is a group of broadly similar practices, or sets of practices which are found across many cultures and traditions.

Meditation has been practised since ancient times in most religious traditions and beliefs. There is considerable homogeneity in meditative practices across the various traditions, despite there being over fifty methods for developing mindfulness and forty for developing concentration.

Contemplation is a very old and important meditation technique and is an important aspect to achieve Life Force Meditation. Why not explore some of the diverse aspects of meditation today?

Mindfulness is Just the Beginning

The modern practices of Mindfulness are a distilled portion of the eastern meditative process, which through attentive thought, provides awareness of the world within and around you based on the current moment.

Once you have mastered the basic principles of Mindfulness, you can then direct this learning to assist you in mastering your thoughts and emotions.  As you learn about this part of your being, you realise the true and hidden potential of your Life Force. Through the combination of your Life Force energies to focus the intentions of your Mindfulness activities, you can reach new levels of understanding and achieve greater wellbeing in your life.

The Faculties of Life

As humankind, we possess higher intellect and all the faculties of life, perception, imagination and intellection. The cognitive powers of your mind and your faculties of knowledge operate on multiple simultaneous levels. Through active intelligence, you have the ability and the capacity to combine all of the diverse aspects of your intellect to manifest into life.

Through the skills of cognition, your active intelligence can illuminate your life, in the same way as light renders colours visible in the world around us.  Learn how to awaken your Life Force energies and achieve a state of Cognition with KIA0010.

Negative Thoughts are Loudest within

When you speak ill of others, consider that it hurts you more than it hurts them. This is because your unkind thoughts are the loudest within you. All of your thoughts arise within your mind. Some may flow out into the world in the words you speak or use. These thoughts are at their highest intensity within you.

No matter what situation you are in or how hurt you are, you do not need to have the last word or symbolically win the argument. If you are angry, annoyed or otherwise emotional, you may find that your last words can often obliterate good intentions or even the good memories.

Try to catch any unkind thoughts before they become expressed out into the world; pause, then ask yourself do you really want to be this way. Pausing will help to break the cycle of your conditional reactions, allowing you to change your thoughts to those which you will not later regret.

Reinvigorate your Mindfulness

In today’s modern world, many of us have stopped noticing many aspects of the world within and around us, especially when we live busy lives. It is all too easy to lose touch with the sensations of life and living, to become someone who acts purely through the conditioned thinking of our passive intellect to the various stimuli in life.

You do not have to change who you are or alter your beliefs to become more self-aware with active intellect. We all have the capacity to be mindful, to pay attention to and be aware of the present moment. Reinvigorate your mindfulness pursuits to bring about the change within you by focusing on your true intentions with Life Force mindfulness.

Fundamental Steps to Awaken your Life Force

This fundamental activity, Awaken your Life Force, introduces you to the concepts and knowledge of a separate power within you, your Life Force energies.

Life Force energies are the energies which you can attribute to life itself. Your Life Force is composed of a more infinite wavelength of energy, beyond normal scientific comprehension. It is distributed throughout the human mechanism as energy, to give life and sustenance to all its parts.

Through the application of directives, you can achieve the emptiness within so that you will be ready to awaken your Life Force energies in the KIA0007 activity. You will then place directives to awaken these energies so that you may experience and appreciate the very existence of your Life Force.

My Mind will not become Blank

A common challenge for many people undertaking mindfulness or meditation is that they cannot make their mind go blank or empty, however much they try. You will be glad to know that most people have noisy minds, so you are not alone in your struggle to tame the endless chatter of your mind.

The ultimate goal for anyone meditating is to achieve a full quietness of mind, but for many of us, this is simply not attainable. If you have a noisy mind, stop trying to achieve absolute silence of mind. Realise that often your own efforts to quieten the mind, fill your mind with the noise of the very thoughts you are trying to banish. While you may not be able to achieve a complete quietness of mind, you should instead be focusing on becoming master of your mind. The difference being, that as you become that master, you can learn to focus your mind with Ekagrata (focussed thought).

Applying Ekagrata enables you to focus on one thing, such as your breath, or repeating a mantra, or mindfully shifting your attention to a specific thought. As a master of your own mind, you are not thinking of everything at the same time, you are being intentional and focusing on one thing at a time. If stray thoughts enter into your mind, you acknowledge them, and push them aside to achieve that focus of mind which is Ekagrata. Become the master of your own mind with Ekagrata, so that you may learn to create a quiet space even within a noisy mind with KIA0006 .

Know Yourself First

One of the aspects of attunement, awakening or meditation which is often overlooked by those starting on the journey, is the importance of knowing yourself.

If you do not understand yourself, your thoughts, emotions, reactions, aspirations and fears, then you will always struggle to be in harmony within yourself. Any form of awakening or meditation will lead to an inevitable increase in the energies of your true self. As these energies increase within you, if left unchecked, they can cause issues as they feed your own emotions, reactions and fears. If you do not know yourself, you may seek to blame others for your problems, when in fact the challenges are within you caused by the awakening of your own inner energies feeding aspects hidden deep within your own persona.

Without this knowledge of yourself, you cannot know who you appear to be, even though you are you. This is a paradox, to say the least; but one which must be overcome.

What is Modern Meditation?

Modern meditative practices have been influenced by Eastern philosophy, yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism; combined with some aspects of Western culture to evolve into a range of various techniques. Many of these techniques aim to bring serenity and balance within you, allowing access to other realms of consciousness. Most of the practices involve the participant setting aside some specific time during the day for undertaking their meditations.

Over recent decades, modern meditation has morphed, with mindfulness programs bursting onto the scene. Their key tenant is to live in the moment with non-judgmental awareness. Many modern meditative practices include techniques such as: mindful breathing, the body scan meditation, or letting thought arise and pass.

All techniques have their place. Ensure that you task your meditative practices with renewed focus, to help you adequately deal with the challenges of life. In whatever form of meditation you perform, always apply your focus and set clear intentions for the greatest benefit.

Take a Hike

Walking has been used as a conduit for spiritual development for thousands of years. More recently, people have begun to rediscover the simple pleasure of walking and have found it illuminating. A walk can be incorporated into a break at work or at other times of the day. If you are feeling stressed, taking a walk can usually ease the pressure, often bringing a new perspective to the situation. Just getting up and taking a short walk around the block can diffuse a situation and can have a beneficial impact on your day.

The simple act of going for a walk, enables you to have a change of scenery, often enabling you to be more mindful or take a different perspective. As you walk, try to be more aware of the sensations within your body, such as the movement of your feet or arms as well as your breathing. You can also be more mindful of the world around you, hearing the sounds which continually waft into your ears, the temperature of the air on your face and the smells which fill your nostrils. So why not take some time out and go take a hike into the outdoors and avail yourself of the opportunity to be more mindful, to take a break and refocus on the important things in life.

You Become what you Think

How many times have you heard the expression “You become what you think” or “Your life is an expression of your mind”? Consider for a moment that your thoughts have causality which is intertwined in our life and living. For every thought or action, there is a reaction or effect, which is very similar to the observations made by Newton when he penned his third law of motion.

Your thoughts and reactions in life can lead to a build-up of emotional energies within you. These energies can have damaging effects on your body, often leading to ill health. Take control; learn to change your thinking and reactions in life to improve your health and wellbeing.

The Fundamentals of Vacuus and Sunya

This fundamental activity, introduces you to the concept of directives and the aspects of vacuus (emptiness) and sunya (a state of nothingness). When these aspects are combined with directives, they can assist you to achieve improved states of meditation.

Directives enable you to step beyond simply placing thoughts. Directives form the first and most important key necessary for progressing beyond the basic mindful thoughts. Through the application of directives, it is possible to achieve a new state of quietness of mind and body. In the activity KIA0006 Fundamental06 VacuusAndSunya, you then realise why directives and these aspects are important steps on the pathway to Cognition and illumination.

Simply breathe

For many of us, it has become all too easy to fall into a pattern of unconsciously rushing through our lives without ever being fully immersed in the present moment. Even though many of us may practice meditation or mindfulness, often we do not seem to have the time.

The simple activity of pausing and observing consecutive breaths can help to calm or refocus your mind, to continue your day with the intention of remaining aware and mindful. Visit our webshop for a free complementary activity on Breathe with Purpose which expands upon simple breathing to bring calmness within you.

What is my Life Force?

Over the years, much has been written about the power source behind our human mechanism. The living energies which are present in all living things are your Life Force.

You may relate to your Life Force energy as an inner awareness, your true essence, your spirit dwelling within, or your soul, to name but a few. Some may see this concept as elusive, vague, intangible and often a mystery hidden within religion. The ability to work with your Life Force energies is not a mystery but is achievable through Cognition (a true calmness of mind) and Ekagrata (focused thought).

Become Aware

How many times do we look back at situations in our lives and recognise that, with hindsight, we could have acted or reacted differently? If you become aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, then you have the opportunity to no longer become lost in these aspects. When you are angry, be aware of your anger. If you become stressed, be aware of your stress. When you become annoyed or irritated, be aware of your irritation.

As soon as you become aware of these thoughts, emotions or feelings, you have the opportunity to choose how to act or react. Your awareness allows you to become mindful as you witness these aspects as if you were viewing them from the outside looking in. Once you are aware, you can pause, then make a choice to change your way of thinking or react differently.