What is Inner Knowledge

The progression of knowledge from potential to actual is activated by the energies of your Life Force and the intuition within. It is through your intuition working from your Life Force that you can comprehend those hidden truths which evade sensual observations and rational opinions.

All knowledge comes about through the union of the human mind and active intelligence. Inner knowledge can open your mind to expand the understanding of yourself. It can bring forth illumination to your life with a realisation of the tremendous hidden potential within each of us.

Fundament Steps to Raising up

This fundamental activity, Raising up, provides important knowledge regarding your Life Force energies, as you learn to activate these energies within yourself.

This activity leads you through a sequence of directives designed to bring an emptiness within, which is then filled with the energies of your Life Force. Through the appropriate application of Ekagrata, you bring focus to your mind and directives, as you activate your Life Force energies throughout your whole being, combining these energies as they flow upwards throughout your body.

Change your Mental Wavelengths

Learn to change the wavelengths or frequency of your thoughts with Life Force Cognition. Life Force Cognition will enable you to quieten your mind by instilling a purpose of thought and a calmness within. Importantly this technique allows you to surpass various states of meditation, by providing a purpose to hold the thoughts of your mind in check.

Many people face challenges when undertaking meditation because their minds are not adequately tasked with a purpose. If the mind does not have a purpose, then it lacks focus and can drift; allowing it to continually bring forward thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect.  Take control through Active Intellect and Cognition.

The Fundamentals to Enliven & Expand your Life Force

This fundamental activity, Enliven & Expand your Life Force, introduces you to further knowledge of your Life Force energies as you learn to awaken these energies. Through the experience, you will again identify and experience your inner power source.

Utilising directives, you can achieve the emptiness within so that you will be ready to awaken and then expand your Life Force energies. You will enliven and expand the sparkling light blue light of your Life Force energies to envelop and encompass all parts of you.

Reinvigorate your Mindfulness

In today’s modern world, many of us have stopped noticing many aspects of the world within and around us, especially when we live busy lives. It is all too easy to lose touch with the sensations of life and living, to become someone who acts purely through the conditioned thinking of our passive intellect to the various stimuli in life.

You do not have to change who you are or alter your beliefs to become more self-aware with active intellect. We all have the capacity to be mindful, to pay attention to and be aware of the present moment. Reinvigorate your mindfulness pursuits to bring about the change within you by focusing on your true intentions with Life Force mindfulness.

Fundamental Steps to Awaken your Life Force

This fundamental activity, Awaken your Life Force, introduces you to the concepts and knowledge of a separate power within you, your Life Force energies.

Life Force energies are the energies which you can attribute to life itself. Your Life Force is composed of a more infinite wavelength of energy, beyond normal scientific comprehension. It is distributed throughout the human mechanism as energy, to give life and sustenance to all its parts.

Through the application of directives, you can achieve the emptiness within so that you will be ready to awaken your Life Force energies in the KIA0007 activity. You will then place directives to awaken these energies so that you may experience and appreciate the very existence of your Life Force.

What is my Life Force?

Over the years, much has been written about the power source behind our human mechanism. The living energies which are present in all living things are your Life Force.

You may relate to your Life Force energy as an inner awareness, your true essence, your spirit dwelling within, or your soul, to name but a few. Some may see this concept as elusive, vague, intangible and often a mystery hidden within religion. The ability to work with your Life Force energies is not a mystery but is achievable through Cognition (a true calmness of mind) and Ekagrata (focused thought).

What is Active Intellect?

As individuals, each of us differs from one another in our ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt to our environment, to learn from experience and to engage in various forms of reasoning through the application of active intelligence. These differences are never entirely consistent as your intellectual capabilities will vary on different occasions and in different aspects of your life.

Active intelligence is the manifestation of intellect through free will or volition. Stop and pause for a moment to observe your own thoughts, then apply active intellect rather than just reacting to stimuli.

What are Emotions?

People often wonder: What is the basis of emotions which seem to rule many people’s lives? At the most basic level, emotions are lower level responses occurring within areas of the brain and mental form, in response to stimuli and thoughts. Emotions themselves are often short-lived, but lead to longer-term mental associations. Over time, your emotional responses are subjectively blended with personal experience, beliefs and memories to create your feelings.

Take the opportunity observe your thoughts and emotional reactions in life, so that you can choose how to respond, rather than just reacting with passive intellect.

What is the Universal Force?

The Universal Force permeates all things and maintains the structure of the Universe as we know and perceive it. Without the Universal Force all matter would decay into an uncontrolled state or into a higher state of entropy. We are all immersed within the energies of the Universal Force, but so few people are aware of its existence. The energies of the Universal Force fills space with Prema, an omnipresent energy of harmlessness.

Knowing and experiencing the energy of the Universal Force as you breathe it into every part of your being, can bring great strength, harmony and upliftment to all aspects of your life.

Comprehending Meditation

There are many different types of meditation practised across the world. In many western cultures, various meditative practices have evolved to include: mindful breathing, mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation, to help people deal with life and improve their cognitive capabilities. Many aspects of meditation involve bringing your mind’s attention to the present without wandering back to the past or drifting into the future.

Task your mind and meditation with a renewed focus in order to more adequately deal with the challenges of life and living. Apply your focus and set clear intentions, so that you may follow through on this regularly during your meditations.

A Life’s Journey

As you continue forward on your sojourn on planet Earth, strive for true understanding and harmlessness to manifest through you. True harmlessness works through right thought governed by active intellect right speech, governed by self-control, which manifests into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life.

As you do, you will find your own life to be meaningful, and at the same time, perhaps you can bring others along the same path of illumement.

What is Meditation?

For many of us, we all have fallen into a pattern of unconsciously rushing through our lives. We do not notice the world around us or within us – and it is affecting our health and our happiness.

Meditation can include virtually any practice that focuses your attention for a period of time, or is the act of paying attention to only one thing. Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression, or pain; with the perceived benefits of increasing happiness, wellbeing and self-realisation.

Task your mind and meditation practices with a renewed focus, leveraging your active intellect to bring about a quietness and calmness of your mind.