The Second Fundamental Bundle

The second fundamental bundle helps anyone continue with activities with a dedicated purpose of thought to awaken your inner Life Force energies. Each of the five activities provides you with a means to instil directives within your mind. Then as you progress, you will learn to access the hidden potential of your Life Force energies.

This special bundle includes: Fundamental06 Vacuus and Sunya – introducing directives as an important key to achieve emptiness and quietness of mind. Fundamental07 Awakening Your Life Force Energies – leveraging directives to awaken your Life Force energies so that you may experience and appreciate the very existence of your Life Force. Fundamental08 Enlivening and Expanding Your Life Force Energies – enables you to enliven and expand your Life Force energies to envelop and encompass all parts of you. Fundamental09 Raising Your Life Force Energies Upwards – utilises Ekagrata to raise your Life Force energies upwards throughout your whole being. Finally, Fundamental10 Attaining Life Force Cognition – On raising your Life Force energies upwards within, you are then capable of achieving a state of Cognition within your Life Force mind.

The Fundamental step to Achieve Life Force Cognition

In this fundamental activity, Achieving Life Force Cognition, you learn to awaken and raise your Life Force energies upwards to achieve a state of Cognition.

Through directives, you achieve the emptiness within, awaken and then expand your Life Force energies. As you apply Ekagrata, you can then slowly raise your Life Force energies upwards. You are then capable of achieving a state of Cognition within your Life Force mind.

Dealing with Strong Emotions

One of the most commonly asked questions is how can meditation or similar practices help deal with strong damaging emotions, such as anger, hatred, and jealousy.

The good news is, that if you are asking the question, you are already part of the way to the answer. The fact that you have asked the question indicates that you may have been sufficiently mindful and observant to notice the negative states of your mind.  Which, by the way, is not an easy accomplishment. Most people are entirely absorbed in their emotions and have limited self-awareness. Generally, those who ask this question have noticed what is happening in their minds as they were being swept into a whirlwind of negative emotions.

The best course of action is that you need to learn to become the master of your mind as well as your emotions. The moment that you feel a strong emotion building, first pause so that you can regain control and not fall into the pending onslaught of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Once you have paused the reactionary processes of your mind, the most effective choice is not to participate. In effect, you do not want that emotion or that emotional reaction to be a part of you. If you feel sufficiently in control, you may take the time to observe the emotion, but always push those emotional aspects away as you do not want them to become part of your life. Applying aspects of Life Force Cognition can help to bring greater control to your mind to help you deal with such situations.

Change your Mental Wavelengths

Learn to change the wavelengths or frequency of your thoughts with Life Force Cognition. Life Force Cognition will enable you to quieten your mind by instilling a purpose of thought and a calmness within. Importantly this technique allows you to surpass various states of meditation, by providing a purpose to hold the thoughts of your mind in check.

Many people face challenges when undertaking meditation because their minds are not adequately tasked with a purpose. If the mind does not have a purpose, then it lacks focus and can drift; allowing it to continually bring forward thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect.  Take control through Active Intellect and Cognition.

The Faculties of Life

As humankind, we possess higher intellect and all the faculties of life, perception, imagination and intellection. The cognitive powers of your mind and your faculties of knowledge operate on multiple simultaneous levels. Through active intelligence, you have the ability and the capacity to combine all of the diverse aspects of your intellect to manifest into life.

Through the skills of cognition, your active intelligence can illuminate your life, in the same way as light renders colours visible in the world around us.  Learn how to awaken your Life Force energies and achieve a state of Cognition with KIA0010.

Focused Thought

Your thoughts are the most powerful when focused with intent. When your thoughts lack focus, it is akin to light passing through a prism compared to passing through a magnifying glass. While light may travel through both the prism and the magnifying glass, what happens to the light afterwards is very different. The same is true of
your thoughts, learn how to focus your thoughts, rather than let them be scattered. Many of the practices which are embodied in mindfulness and meditation can help you to focus your thoughts, while true ekagrata can be achieved through Life Force Cognition.

Finding Quiet Times

These days it is easy to lose the battle with Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and various apps such as Whatsapp etc taking hold of your life. If though you want to understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your bright and dark sides, then you need to find some quiet time in your life.

Choose your technique such as meditation, mindfulness or the more advanced aspects of Life Force Cognition to reach the quietness within you.

Opening Day Activities

Posted today on the webshop are nine complementary information pieces and eighteen kickstarter activities. These activities cover a wide range of topics, some of which include: Mindful Breathing, Your Digital Personality, Mindful Illusions, Overthinking, Applying Daily Affirmations, Achieving Successful Directives, Your Life Force, Solar Radiance, Emotions and the Energies around You, Understanding Stress, and What Ekagrata Can Achieve for You.

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Webshop Opening

Our webshop is now open. Please take the opportunity to visit our shop simply by clicking on go shopping where you can then browse activities which have been specially crafted by The Life Force Institute.

New products and activities will be regularly added to our online shop and the latest information will always be posted on our blog when new activities are available.

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Living your life with illumement

Illumement, like other practices such as meditation have many different connotations dependent upon the reason for undertaking them.

The achievement or practice of illumement requires that you bring all of your own energies (your Life Force energies as well as your thoughts and emotions) into a state of balance and harmony.

Through illumement, you will access the true energies of your Life Force and in turn illuminate your life. This allows you to surpass the achievements of mindfulness and positive thinking which are limited to the mental mind.

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Living Life with Higher Reasoning

The awakening of your Life Force has to be controlled by you, as you adjust to the energies of your Life Force on a gradual basis.

When you bring forward your Life Force over time with Cognition and the process of Ekagrata you can higher levels of awareness.

Your Life Force will try to release itself from the emotional instability of the human body; to gain control of your life, so that you can live every thought, emotion and feeling with high reasoning.

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The Omnipotent Universal Force

Open your mind, even if only for a brief moment to expand your consciousness – contemplate that you are part of and within the Universal Force. It is within all time and space, being the limitless creative energy of perfect harmlessness.

The Universal Force permeates all things and manifests to keep them vital. Without the Universal Force and the associated vital force, all matter would decay into a higher state of entropy.

Learning to harmonise and balance with the Universal Force brings forward the fullest state of illumement attained through cognition. This application of active intellect brings balance, calmness and harmlessness within all aspects of your life.

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Surpass Meditative States with Cognition

Entering into a state of cognition allows you to quieten your mind with a dedicated purpose of thought, so that you may begin to awaken your Life Force energies. These aspects can be achieved and applied in your life, no matter who you are. Take the time in your life to comprehend and experience what these tools can do for you.

Without the mind being tasked with a purpose, many people have problems meditating, as the mind will continually bring forwards thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect. Cognition quietens the mind, instilling calmness and importantly surpasses the states of meditation by providing a dedicated purpose for your mind.

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Tap into your Inner Knowledge

Inner knowledge can bring forth illumination to your life with a realisation of the potential within each of us to achieve happiness, health and success. Your life as you know it, is the expression of your mind.

Through The Life Force Institute, you can comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your life and the world around you. You may find that you are living your life, simply by reacting to life and the stimuli around you, rather than living life with active intellect.

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