Wellbeing of Self

Revealing the Life Force allows you to improve your wellbeing of self as you unshackle the limitations which bind you.

Through The Life Force Institute, knowledge of energies and their effects upon the human mechanism builds a true understanding of yourself.

Health, happiness and wellbeing of self can be realised as you understand the energies which flow within and around you.

Realising Your Energy

WellbeingHumanity has been living within the human form for approximately two hundred thousand years, but the energy structure we live within is not fully understood. For personal wellbeing, the reality of the functioning of this intricate mechanism we reside in needs to be a priority. The physical form is a mechanism which most of us think of as self. The underlying power source of the physical form is the Life Force.

Even though the physical form seems solid, it is largely void. The underlying power source is the Life Force.

Even though the physical form seems solid, science tells us that it is not so, but instead, the physical form is largely void. At an anatomical level, the physical form consists of various systems, such as the nervous and circulatory system as well as organs and glands. These components of the anatomical form are comprised of various tissues, which in-turn are groups of cells which have a similar structure or function, such as muscle. The cells of the physical form are arranged into various tissues, which perform specific functions necessary for the operation and wellbeing of the entire mechanism.

At the microscopic level, the cells are the basic biological, functional and structural unit of every living organism. The cells themselves are comprised of smaller components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, as well as various other smaller biomolecules. These cellular components are composed of atoms, which are in-turn composed of smaller sub-atomic particles. Between and around these sub-atomic components are vast amounts of apparent nothingness. These sub-atomic particles and the surrounding void are the manifestations of the finite aspects of the universal energies.

Understanding Thought

WellbeingThought is a fundamental human activity familiar to everyone, and something all of us do every day. The complexity of the brain and thought can be demonstrated as you read these words. From a functional and biological perspective, the photons of light associated with the patterns of these letters are focused onto the retina of your eye. These photons cause chemical reactions in the receptors of the retina. The receptors convert the energy of the photon into an electrical signal, which can then be conducted by the neurones (nerve cells) of the nervous system. The electrical signal propagates along the neurones, and as it reaches the end of an axon of each neurone, it causes the release of chemical neurotransmitters into the synapses between adjacent neurones. The target neuron responds with its own electrical signal, which then in-turn propagates to other neurons along the optic nerves and into the brain. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to billions of neurons within many interconnected areas of your brain, and you have perceived these words.

The human brain is composed of about one hundred billion neurones, which are then interconnected by trillions of connections, called synapses. Each of these connections could be transmitting between one and a thousand transmissions per second to produce the mechanism which we know as thought, in the physical brain. It is important to comprehend that the brain is only part of a complex mechanism which involves the complete mental form as thoughts become manifest, not only as electrochemical connections of the brain, but as electromagnetic impulses. Some cognitive scientists have begun to realise that thought is not limited to the brain, but simultaneously takes place in the brain and the body. It is this electromagnetic nature of thought, which allows its propagation through the brain, the body and the environment around us.

Thought is a fundamental human activity. Thought is not limited to the brain, but is electromagnetic energy.

As thoughts are created through an electromagnetic impulse, thoughts are in themselves energy. Let us consider that a thought is created and usually directed; and by so doing, you have put within the thought your own energy. On a basic level, you can think of this energy of thought as the physical material energy which is derived from the metabolism of sugars within the neurones and glial cells of the physical brain. You should also consider the energy of thought as being the magnetic energies flowing through the mental form to enliven the thoughts produced in your physical brain. In either way, your thoughts have been energised by your life energy. You create thought with energy within the brain and mental mind, and then since everything in creation is formed from energy, then it stands to reason, thoughts are energies.

Emotions are lower level responses occurring within areas of the brain and mental form, as a result to stimuli and thoughts. Emotions themselves are often short-term in nature, but lead to longer-term mental associations and reactions. Your emotional responses are subjectively blended with personal experience, beliefs and memories to create your feelings. These feelings are then the by-product of your passive intellect perceiving and assigning meaning to the emotion and thoughts.

Feelings which have been sparked by emotions then become coloured by the memories and images that have become subconsciously linked with that particular emotion for you. However, it works the other way around also; as thinking about a threatening situation, can trigger an emotional fear response within you, which leaves a long lasting feeling of fear of that situation.

Positive thoughts, emotions and feelings shine throughout all parts of you.

Negative aspects of thought, emotions and feelings are of a dark colour. The dark colour of negative, unconstructive, coarse or detrimental aspects oozes into and through the cells of your body, leading to blockages or overloads. Whereas positive aspects, such as warmth, kindness and sincerity have radiance which shines out, rejuvenating, repairing and replenishing the cells of your body. Through learning to use active intelligence to evaluate and change your thinking, you can bring about wellbeing of self.

Through the knowledge and activities of The Life Force Institute, you can learn to evaluate and change your patterns of thinking to bring about the wellbeing of self. Take the opportunity to modify or control the thought patterns which are detrimental to your health and welfare.

Causality Awareness

WellbeingFor every action, there is a reaction. Causality takes place continually in our lives, but we do not realise the consequences upon our health, happiness, or future. Every thought and every emotion generally induces a reaction, which may have consequences.

The whole mechanism of a human being is set up to create a causal reaction to everything an individual thinks, expresses or does within their life. Each part of life, each action, each non-action, each and every thought has causality. If you think "tiredness", then the body responds accordingly; while thinking something such as "contentment", the body mechanism builds an appropriate reaction within. If though you were to think "I am not good enough", the energies and aspects associated with inadequacy will build within you as you enliven the thought.

You become what you think.

Our thoughts have causality which is intertwined in our lives and living

Our thoughts have causality, which is intertwined in our life and living. For every action, there is a reaction. Many weakness or illnesses are brought about through a build-up of emotional energies running rampant, which are released into the body without control or understanding. We know anxiety can lead to ulcers, and excessive stress leads to heart conditions. Stress is simply a build-up of energy as a result of negative emotional thinking.

Destructive thoughts, emotions and feelings of fear and worry being energy in themselves, create more energy as your mind dwells on such aspects. They create a static which is a barrier of coarse energy, which disrupts the natural flow of the human mechanism. Static energy is a significant contributor to ill health and mental imbalance.

Realise that exterior influences also play a large part in your wellbeing. Energies influence all life. Through a better understanding of self, you can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

The Energy Mechanism

WellbeingAn aspect for wellbeing when looking at the physical form, is the importance of the flow of energy through the various energy mechanisms of the human form. The energy circuits or meridians supply energy to all parts of you. The term meridians describes the energy distribution system as defined in Chinese medicine, and detail how the basic substances of the body permeate the whole body. The individual meridians are often described as pathways or channels which reflects the idea of carrying, holding, or transporting blood, body fluids and chi around the body. Chi is the Taoist concept of the Life Force, which permeates all matter and infuses it with life.

The body's vital energy circulates along these pathways and their many thousands of distribution points. When the need arises through sickness or ill health, energy can be bought forward or applied to anyone of those points to bring within a natural healing energy flow.

The Life Force infuses matter with life. These energies circulate along interconnecting pathways throughout your form.

On a normal basis, Solar Radiance and Universal Light flow through the various interconnected energy pathways, to vitalise and nourish all parts of you with life giving energy. Upon many occasions when sickness occurs, it has been created through congestion and constriction of these energy pathways, caused through deep seated feelings and emotions which have built up residue. This build-up of residue obstructs or limits sufficient energy flow which is needed by the human mechanism for the wellbeing of self.

We tend to forget that material matter has been created from universal matter, not vice versa. Through The Life Force Institute knowledge and activities, the flow of energies within the physical form can be comprehended and stimulated with energies derived from universal matter, such as Solar Radiance.

There are four primary energy sources for the human mechanism. These include the air which we breathe and the food we eat; both which power the biochemical mechanism of the physical form. In addition to these biochemical inputs, there are two less understood components. The energy components being your own Life Force energy and the Universal light manifesting as Solar Radiance.

Solar Radiance is a cosmic energy of life which is found present throughout the galaxy. Solar Radiance is the infinite radiation of the Sun and is around you at all times (even on cloudy days). Solar Radiance is one of the energies which keeps you alive and well, though vitalisation and nurturing of your form. Solar Radiance is a component of the Universal Light; both being energies which you can learn to more effectively tap into, for the wellbeing of self.

For your physical health as well as mental and emotional wellbeing, through The Life Force Institute activities and workshops, you can learn to apply the energies of your Life Force and Solar Radiance to:

  • Calm your thoughts within to achieve greater wellbeing of self.
  • Balance your inner emotions to achieve greater wellbeing.
  • Energise and nourish the cells of the physical form.
  • Reduce the blockages in your meridians, thereby allowing a smoother flow throughout your energy matrix.
  • Clearing emotional build-up and residue for improved wellbeing.
  • Bring health and wellbeing to all parts of the body and mind.
  • Vitalise, energise and nurture all parts of you.

Achieve wellbeing

WellbeingThrough The Life Force Institute knowledge and activities, you will not just learn to understand how to turn on the light of your Life Force, but also how to apply this to become a more balanced individual.

Directives are one of the key stepping stones for all the activities that are available through The Life Force Institute. Successful directives are always positive, determined, straightforward, confident and focussed. The application of directives in the activities and exercises provided by The Life Force Institute will give you the power to direct your energies in one direction at one given moment.

Through the use of directives, you will learn how to train and take control of your mind to enter into a state of Cognition. Through Cognition, you are able to promote relaxation of your form and quieten your mind; then you can begin to open the doorway to your Life Force and appreciate the Universal Force. You will learn how Cognition, as instructed through The Life Force Institute, can be practised in combination with directives, creative imaging (visualisation) and ekagrata (focused thought), to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.

The cornerstones for all the information which is bought forward through The Life Force Institute is that all knowledge and teaching will uphold four key tenants, being: Factual | Truthful | Ethical | Untainted.

Through The Life Force Institute learn to become a balanced individual.

The Life Force Institute offers several means to access this knowledge and teaching:

  • Information and other updates will be regularly available via our site & blog.
  • Lectures and workshops are conducted in select locations, please contact us at thelifeforceinstitute@gmail.com for more details.
  • Downloadable activities are regularly available through our webshop.
  • Audio activities are planned to be available through our webshop.
  • Electronic books are planned to be available through our webshop.
  • Additional means will be continually reviewed to determine the most effective ways to disseminate the information in accordance with our key tenants.
  • Special event workshops can be conducted on an as requested basis in your region, please contact us at thelifeforceinstitute@gmail.com to arrange special events.
  • If you are interested in training to become a facilitator or custodian for The Life Force Institute, then please contact us at thelifeforceinstitute@gmail.com.

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