Inner Knowledge

KnowledgeAll knowledge comes about through the union of the human mind and active intelligence. Progression of knowledge from potential to actual and mutually inclusive knowledge is ignited by the energies of your Life Force and the intuition within. It is through your intuition working from your Life Force that you can comprehend those hidden truths which evade sensual observations and rational opinions. Inner knowledge can open your mind to expand the understanding of yourself.

Inner knowledge can bring forth illumination to your life with a realisation of the tremendous hidden potential within each of us. Through this realisation and understanding of life, happiness and health can be manifest. With further comprehension, you can learn to balance with the energies within and around you.

Each of us, as human beings, walk the pathway of life, living our lives to the best of our ability. Many of us are blind to all of the influences affecting us both internally and externally. We are not fully aware of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within ourselves, and the universe around us. These energies affect each of us as human beings in varying ways.

The reality of existence is both complex and simple. The whole of creation as we know it is energy and is in itself controlled through energy. We are beings who exist with energy, and without energy, we cannot exist at all. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you will attain an understanding that you are more than the physical mechanism of your body or the persona of your mental mind. You are an amalgamation of many different energy forms, which make up the various component parts of you.

Energies continually ebb and flow through and around the body. Your own personal experiences will give an insight into the energies which mentally, physically and emotionally affect you in some form or another.

You are energy, continually being influenced and affected by the energies of your thoughts and emotions, as well as the energies of the thoughts and emotions of others and external energies. Through the application of your active intellect, you can comprehend how these aspects can influence your life. Opening the doorway to inner knowledge will enliven your intellect to how thoughts and emotions create energy, where such energy is continually affecting all of us through causality.

Comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your life.

Your life as you know it, is the expression of your mind. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you will comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your life and the world around you. Initially, you may be surprised to find that you are living your life, by merely reacting to life and the stimuli around you, rather than living life with active intellect. In which case, your life is being manifest through your mental mind and persona.

Your mental mind, with its patterns of thinking and passive intellect, can bring forward thoughts, reactions, feelings and emotions from your experiences. How many times in your life have you been motivated or enthusiastic as you aspire to achieve or change aspects in your life such as: a healthy lifestyle, travel, study, starting a new business, saving more money, or changing aspects of yourself regarding home, work or family relationships? Yet in a short time, you find yourself falling back into your old patterns of behaviour and thinking. Without realising it, you have let the pre-programmed aspects or passive intellect of your mind take control of your life, setting you up to fall back to previous patterns of behaviour or failures of your best-laid plans.

Most of us do not understand, nor comprehend, how much we become completely involved with our strong thoughts and emotional reactions in our lives. Being so involved, we never have the opportunity to consider that it is our mind, which creates a substantial percentage of the sickness, unhappiness, fear and even depression prevalent within our lives. In all situations of life, we have the choice of how we react through active intelligence. You have the choice of staying balanced and in control, or following your passive intellect of emotional reactions and excuses, based on your pre-programmed patterns of thinking.

On a day-to-day basis, your mental mind will react without active intellect; leading you to follow pre-programmed reactions. In this way, your mind and persona are in control of your life. We live life to the best of our ability but are ill-informed as to all the influences affecting us.

Accessing your Life Force energies gives you the opportunity to bring harmony within yourself and resonate within higher states of consciousness. Through such activities, you can bring active intellect within your life to free yourself from the mental and emotional limitations of your passive intellect. You can change your emotional patterns of thinking into positive and creative higher levels of mind for physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Seek your inner knowledge through active intelligence.

Take control of your life through the application of active intellect guided by your inner knowledge and Life Force. You then can make decisions and evaluate situations more clearly. This is the difference of not reacting to life, but actually responding consciously and living life with active intellect.

Liberate and expand your mind by changing your mental wavelengths to remove the restrictions which have been placed upon you. An open, peaceful and enquiring mind will help you to overcome your passive intellect and to surpass your emotional barriers, so that you may understand the ways in which energies shape and control all of our lives.

You have the ability to awaken and bring forward the energies of your Life Force to bridge the gap between material life and your true inner nature. Understanding of reality can then be gained through personal experience based upon inner knowledge. Through the understanding of self, you can realise your true existence and apply it in your life.

Realise that your mind controls you through passive intellect and suppresses the true nature of your Life Force. Take a moment to begin to really notice how you think and act the way you do. Reaching within to your inner knowledge through enlivening your Life Force will bring balance and harmony within your life.

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