Choosing to Remain Neutral

The key to understanding negativity is how you respond to life and living. You can choose to react to unfavourable thoughts and become associated with the emotional repercussions. Alternatively, you can stop briefly, keep your balance, and choose not to react. In result, you are remaining neutral to the unfavourable or negative aspects.

Involved in Our Reactions

Very few of us comprehend, how much we become entirely involved with our strong ideas and psychological reactions in our lives. Being so involved, we never have the opportunity to consider that it is our mind, which creates a very large percentage of the illness, distress, fear and even depression.

Granting Gratitude

Gratitude is an often forgotten virtue in today’s modern world.  Gratitude is simply the quality of being thankful, or the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Many people are unaware of how expressing gratitude can change their lives for the better. Through granting gratitude to others, you are expressing a sense of kindness which can flow on your words or through the deeds of your actions.

You can grant gratitude to others by truly listening to what they have to say, without criticising or judging them.  To express your gratitude, you can thank someone as a sign of appreciation. Sometimes even a simple smile or the appropriate words to say thank you in the local language, will make a person’s day.

So take the opportunity to express some kindness with gratitude into the world around you.

Reducing Causality

Containment can be a very effective tool to assist you in reducing Causality (or aspects of Karma) in your life. Containment describes thoughts and actions which are proactively taken to reduce the causality (effects or reactions from some other event or occurrence) in your life. To apply containment, you will need to contemplate some of the potential consequences or ramifications of your thoughts, actions, inactions or other events which are occurring at any point in time.

The key aspect of containment is to apply active intellect and some common-sense in whatever you do. So rather than immediately reacting to stimuli, pause for a moment to consider your various courses of action, before proceeding. The judicious application of containment can lead to a happier life with less causality.

Your Digital Persona

In an increasingly connected world, we are all affected by our presence of social media.  On social media, you are open to the thoughts, emotions and feelings of others who may follow you, like your posts, make comments or otherwise engage with your digital persona. It is increasingly easy to be influenced and affected by others through an increasingly complex web of interactions which happen almost instantly across the globe.

What you share online is your choice and your responsibility. Once you have posted it online, it is out there, forever. You may be able to limit who sees your updates, pictures, comments and the like, but it is still worth giving some thought to how posts can affect your life, that of your family or others.

Realise that these aspects flow in multiple directions, what you post affects or influence others as what you see affects or influences you.  Over time, what is posted by you and about you build up this false illusion of you, as this digital entity. Over time this digital entity can grow of form its own illusion, which in some cases can become larger or more overwhelming than the originator.  Always strive to be kind and considerate to others, never posting anything online which you would be unwilling to say directly to the person themselves.

Negative Thoughts are Loudest within

When you speak ill of others, consider that it hurts you more than it hurts them. This is because your unkind thoughts are the loudest within you. All of your thoughts arise within your mind. Some may flow out into the world in the words you speak or use. These thoughts are at their highest intensity within you.

No matter what situation you are in or how hurt you are, you do not need to have the last word or symbolically win the argument. If you are angry, annoyed or otherwise emotional, you may find that your last words can often obliterate good intentions or even the good memories.

Try to catch any unkind thoughts before they become expressed out into the world; pause, then ask yourself do you really want to be this way. Pausing will help to break the cycle of your conditional reactions, allowing you to change your thoughts to those which you will not later regret.

You Become what you Think

How many times have you heard the expression “You become what you think” or “Your life is an expression of your mind”? Consider for a moment that your thoughts have causality which is intertwined in our life and living. For every thought or action, there is a reaction or effect, which is very similar to the observations made by Newton when he penned his third law of motion.

Your thoughts and reactions in life can lead to a build-up of emotional energies within you. These energies can have damaging effects on your body, often leading to ill health. Take control; learn to change your thinking and reactions in life to improve your health and wellbeing.

Life’s Energies Revealed

Many of us are blind to all of the influences which affect us. Each of us as human beings, strive to live our lives to the best of our ability. However, we are not fully aware of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within ourselves, and the universe around us.

These energies affect each of us in varying ways. Take the opportunity to learn how your thoughts manifest to create your own reality.

How your Mind Controls your Life

Very few of us understand, nor comprehend, how much we become completely involved with our strong thoughts and emotional reactions in our lives. Being so involved, we never have the opportunity to consider that it is our mind, which creates a very large percentage of the sickness, unhappiness, fear and even depression.

In life, you have the choice of how you react. Through active intellect, you can choose to stay balanced and in control, or you respond by sliding into pre-programmed patterns of thinking, excuses and the emotional reactions of your passive intellect. Take the opportunity to pause and reflect on how thoughts and emotional reactions may be affecting you, then make choice to bring about a change.

What is Harmlessness?

Harmlessness instils a strength of purpose and volition within your life for full attainment of your intentions. Harmlessness achieved through illumement springs from the control of your passive intellect, and through the understanding of your mind and persona.

True harmlessness works through right thought, governed by active intellect; right speech, governed by self-control and manifest into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life. Consider how to incorporate harmlessness into your everyday life.

Become Master of your Reactions

Stop and learn to control your mind, rather than your mind, emotions and feelings being the master of your life. Tapping into the energies of your Life Force, through Cognition, which can move you out of the patterns of your passive intellect. Doing so, allows you to free your mind from your mental and emotional limitations.

Applying these skills in your daily life, can help you to change your mental wavelengths to stay calm, balanced and in control.

A Thinking Mind to Evaluate Reason & Learn

You have a mind to think, evaluate, reason & learn. Energy is the catalyst and creative force of the universe and life within it, which brings into existence atoms, molecules, planets, stars and galaxies. The human form is created of the same substance and controlled by the same energies; but is endowed with a mind to think, evaluate, reason and learn.

Take the time to pause and think with active intellect, so that you can master your own thoughts.

What is Kindness?

Kindness is more than just a word or an expression, but is manifest through your actions of harmlessness every day. Harmlessness can help to restore the balance of causality in your life. So today and every day, be that person of true harmlessness to spread kindness and happiness into the world around you.