Finding a Moment of Calmness

How often have you wished for a respite from the demands of your everyday life, finding that moment of quiet or calm for yourself to experience your own peace of mind?

In a busy and seemingly chaotic world, we all need to carve out some time for ourselves, if only for a few fleeting seconds each day. Creating time for yourself, through a moment of calmness provides you with the opportunity to contribute to your overall wellness.

We all strive for good health, stability & happiness, but how often do you find that you run out of time for yourself?

CalmnessWellness and wellbeing mean different things to different people. For some, this may be the destination for ensuring health or happiness. While for others, wellness may be just a tool or mechanism to help them deal with life. Wellbeing can become an integral part of your life’s journey. How you appreciate or understand wellness and well-being is based on your own experiences and is unique to your own perspective.

The Life Force Institute is pleased to offer a 10 week guided seminar series which will enable you to move beyond positive thinking and exceed aspects of mindfulness, through activities which create a calmness within. These seminars afford you the opportunity to train your mind to pause, evaluate & create time for yourself.

Consider how you can improve your entire wellbeing with instructor lead activities, to calm your mind, know your thoughts and awaken the inner you.

Learn how to achieve a simple calmness, the ability to observe your thoughts and how to pause your thinking to control your reactions. As balance and control of the emotions are gained, this can enable you to attain the fundamental qualities of good health, wellbeing and happiness in your life.

  • Discover how Mindful Breathing can allow you to create a calmness of mind and provide you with the basis for establishing the many facets of wellbeing in your life.
  • Calm your mind to sidestep the chaotic and noisy aspects of your life.
  • Understand your thoughts and how your mind orchestrates your own personality.
  • Become a master of your reactions through Life Force Meditation techniques.

New 10 week instructor lead seminar at The Life Force Institute, South Brisbane, QLD, Australia.
For registration or enquiries contact (07)3411 5486 or brisbane@

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