The Power of Thoughts

Many of us are familiar with the concepts of positive thinking. You may have read or even understand how the use of mantras and other means can give us all the opportunity to bring forward aspects within our lives.

But, have you really taken the time to consider the power of your own thoughts. If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative or detrimental thought again. Take the time to contemplate the power of your thoughts and how powerfully they affect your life.

Change your Mental Wavelengths

Learn to change the wavelengths or frequency of your thoughts with Life Force Cognition. Life Force Cognition will enable you to quieten your mind by instilling a purpose of thought and a calmness within. Importantly this technique allows you to surpass various states of meditation, by providing a purpose to hold the thoughts of your mind in check.

Many people face challenges when undertaking meditation because their minds are not adequately tasked with a purpose. If the mind does not have a purpose, then it lacks focus and can drift; allowing it to continually bring forward thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect.  Take control through Active Intellect and Cognition.

Comprehending your Mind

Stop and take the time to realise the complexities of your mind, so that you may comprehend how to change your way of thinking. Take the time to consider that your mental mind, with its patterns of thinking and passive intellect, can be your biggest challenge in life.  Your mind can bring forward thoughts, reactions, feelings and emotions from your experiences.

How many times in your life have you been motivated or enthusiastic as you aspire to achieve or change aspects in your life, such as: a healthy lifestyle, travel, study, starting a new business, saving more money, or changing aspects of yourself regarding the home, work or family relationships? Yet in a short time, you find yourself falling back into your old patterns of behaviour and thinking. Without realising it, you have let the pre-programmed aspects or passive intellect of your mind take control of your life, setting you up to fall back to previous patterns of behaviour or failures of your best-laid plans.

Take control of your life by gaining an understanding of your mind and your reactions. Through being able to bring calmness and balance within you, it is then possible to resonate to a different frequency to make decisions and evaluate situations more clearly.

Negative Thoughts are Loudest within

When you speak ill of others, consider that it hurts you more than it hurts them. This is because your unkind thoughts are the loudest within you. All of your thoughts arise within your mind. Some may flow out into the world in the words you speak or use. These thoughts are at their highest intensity within you.

No matter what situation you are in or how hurt you are, you do not need to have the last word or symbolically win the argument. If you are angry, annoyed or otherwise emotional, you may find that your last words can often obliterate good intentions or even the good memories.

Try to catch any unkind thoughts before they become expressed out into the world; pause, then ask yourself do you really want to be this way. Pausing will help to break the cycle of your conditional reactions, allowing you to change your thoughts to those which you will not later regret.

My Mind will not become Blank

A common challenge for many people undertaking mindfulness or meditation is that they cannot make their mind go blank or empty, however much they try. You will be glad to know that most people have noisy minds, so you are not alone in your struggle to tame the endless chatter of your mind.

The ultimate goal for anyone meditating is to achieve a full quietness of mind, but for many of us, this is simply not attainable. If you have a noisy mind, stop trying to achieve absolute silence of mind. Realise that often your own efforts to quieten the mind, fill your mind with the noise of the very thoughts you are trying to banish. While you may not be able to achieve a complete quietness of mind, you should instead be focusing on becoming master of your mind. The difference being, that as you become that master, you can learn to focus your mind with Ekagrata (focussed thought).

Applying Ekagrata enables you to focus on one thing, such as your breath, or repeating a mantra, or mindfully shifting your attention to a specific thought. As a master of your own mind, you are not thinking of everything at the same time, you are being intentional and focusing on one thing at a time. If stray thoughts enter into your mind, you acknowledge them, and push them aside to achieve that focus of mind which is Ekagrata. Become the master of your own mind with Ekagrata, so that you may learn to create a quiet space even within a noisy mind with KIA0006 .

You Become what you Think

How many times have you heard the expression “You become what you think” or “Your life is an expression of your mind”? Consider for a moment that your thoughts have causality which is intertwined in our life and living. For every thought or action, there is a reaction or effect, which is very similar to the observations made by Newton when he penned his third law of motion.

Your thoughts and reactions in life can lead to a build-up of emotional energies within you. These energies can have damaging effects on your body, often leading to ill health. Take control; learn to change your thinking and reactions in life to improve your health and wellbeing.

Listening to your Thoughts

If you pause for a moment to listen to your thoughts, you are likely to find that most of the thoughts you have do not register within your consciousness. However, you may observe that you are reacting to these thoughts without you realising it. Take the opportunity to listen to your thoughts as they enter the mind, like an outside observer. Then strive to catch hold of any negative or damaging thoughts before they take hold within your consciousness. Then push such thoughts out of your consciousness, indicating that you do not want them to be part of your life.

In order to master your thoughts, you have to learn to listen to your own thoughts. Skills acquired through Life Force mindfulness, meditation and cognitive practices can all help you to listen to your own thoughts as the impartial arbiter.

A Fundamental Bundle

The first fundamental bundle helps you get started with activities to regain an understanding of how you think and act in the world. Each of the five activities builds upon the basic activities of mindful breathing and Line of Light to centre yourself, calm your mind, relax your body, balance your emotions.

This special bundle includes: Starting Out – which examines what are your intentions for undertaking activities such as Meditation or Mindfulness? The Second Step – provides the opportunity to comprehend how your mind orchestrates your own brand or personality. The Third Step – provides you with insight into how thoughts can control and cause emotional responses within you. The Fourth Step – enables you to consider how excuses of the mind can be a major factor in not making changes in your life. The Fifth Step – investigates how thoughts can lead to overthinking and how to stop thoughts consuming your life.

Life’s Energies Revealed

Many of us are blind to all of the influences which affect us. Each of us as human beings, strive to live our lives to the best of our ability. However, we are not fully aware of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within ourselves, and the universe around us.

These energies affect each of us in varying ways. Take the opportunity to learn how your thoughts manifest to create your own reality.

Fundamental Fifth Step

The fundamental Fifth Step activity helps you to identify the endless conditioned thoughts which lead to overthinking. When overthinking starts to consume your life, it can become a serious problem.

The activity will extend on your mindful breathing and Line of Light to centre yourself, calm your mind, relax your body, balance your emotions and instil a healthiness of mind. Stop to identify the endless conditioned thoughts which lead to overthinking, which if left unchecked, can consume your life.

Opening Day Activities

Posted today on the webshop are nine complementary information pieces and eighteen kickstarter activities. These activities cover a wide range of topics, some of which include: Mindful Breathing, Your Digital Personality, Mindful Illusions, Overthinking, Applying Daily Affirmations, Achieving Successful Directives, Your Life Force, Solar Radiance, Emotions and the Energies around You, Understanding Stress, and What Ekagrata Can Achieve for You.

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Those Who Anger You

In the world today where there seems to be so much conflict; so why not take a moment to consider this simple saying.The person who angers you, controls you.Learn to master your thoughts and emotions with The Life Force Institute to regain control in your life.

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