Realising Your Energy

WellbeingHumanity has been living within the human form for approximately two hundred thousand years, but the energy structure we live within is not fully understood. For personal wellbeing, the reality of the functioning of this intricate mechanism we reside in needs to be a priority. The physical form is a mechanism which most of us think of as self. The underlying power source of the physical form is the Life Force.

Even though the physical form seems solid, it is largely void. The underlying power source is the Life Force.

Even though the physical form seems solid, science tells us that it is not so, but instead, the physical form is largely void. At an anatomical level, the physical form consists of various systems, such as the nervous and circulatory system as well as organs and glands. These components of the anatomical form are comprised of various tissues, which in-turn are groups of cells which have a similar structure or function, such as muscle. The cells of the physical form are arranged into various tissues, which perform specific functions necessary for the operation and wellbeing of the entire mechanism.

At the microscopic level, the cells are the basic biological, functional and structural unit of every living organism. The cells themselves are comprised of smaller components such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids, as well as various other smaller biomolecules. These cellular components are composed of atoms, which are in-turn composed of smaller sub-atomic particles. Between and around these sub-atomic components are vast amounts of apparent nothingness. These sub-atomic particles and the surrounding void are the manifestations of the finite aspects of the universal energies.

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