Multi-faceted Knowledge

Multi-faceted Knowledge opens the mind to expand the understanding of yourself.

Through the application of knowledge available from The Life Force Institute you will gain an understanding of why you act and think the way you do.

Cognition will enable you to access the energies of your Life Force to bring forward the many aspects of Multi-faceted Knowledge for success, harmony and balance.

Active Intelligence

KnowledgeIntelligence can be defined as the ability to reason & solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend complex ideas, to learn from experiences; as well as the capacity for logic, planning, understanding and self-awareness. Intelligence also includes your ability to perceive information and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviours within your life. From a psychology viewpoint, intelligence defines the ability to think, to comprehend or perceive our surroundings.

Intelligence can be categorised into passive and active intellect. Passive intelligence is the ability to distinguish between one thing and another but without free will; as the choice is pre-determined or pre-programmed. Animals, computers, artificial intelligence (AI) and many mechanical and psychological constructions are typical of systems which have passive intelligence.

The term of active intellect first appeared in Aristotle's work "De anima". Students of philosophy continue to debate Aristotle's intent as the term was never defined, but implied. During the medieval period, "Intellectus", a translation for the Greek philosophical term "Nous", became widely used to mean understanding linked to the metaphysical and cosmological theories. It became a source of intense discussion as various thinkers sought to reconcile their commitment to Aristotle's account of the body and soul to their own theological commitments. Some thinkers of the time attributed higher forms of intellect with the Creator, Universal Intellect or God.

Apply your intellect and volition to achieve Active Intelligence in your life.

Active intelligence builds upon passive intellect, discernment and awareness. Active intelligence is the manifestation of intellect through free will or volition to freely choose any option.

As individuals, each of us differs from one another in our ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt effectively to our environment, to learn from experience and to engage in various forms of reasoning through the application of active intelligence. These differences are never entirely consistent as your intellectual capabilities will vary on different occasions and in different aspects of your life.

As humankind, we possess higher intellect and all the faculties of life, perception, imagination and intellection. The cognitive powers of your mind and your faculties of knowledge operate on multiple co-related aspects. The first aspect depends on bodily organs, while subsequent aspects are more refined and finite in nature. Through active intelligence, as humans, we have the ability and the capacity to combine all aspects of our intellect to manifest into life. Through the skills of cognition gained through The Life Force Institute, your active intelligence can illuminate your life, in the same way as light renders colours visible in the world around us.

In your life, you have active intelligence which carries causality as you apply your free will. Active Intelligence, along with the understanding of yourself and the energies affecting you provide you with a glimpse of the intricacies of causality which are integrated into the human mechanism and your life. This mechanism is set up to create causality to everything you think, express or do within your life. Each part of life, each action, each non-action, each and every thought has causality. Comprehending causality and the various relationships of energies through matter and its qualities form the basis of multi-faceted knowledge.

Inner Knowledge

KnowledgeAll knowledge comes about through the union of the human mind and active intelligence. Progression of knowledge from potential to actual and mutually inclusive knowledge is ignited by the energies of your Life Force and the intuition within. It is through your intuition working from your Life Force that you can comprehend those hidden truths which evade sensual observations and rational opinions. Inner knowledge can open your mind to expand the understanding of yourself.

Inner knowledge can bring forth illumination to your life with a realisation of the tremendous hidden potential within each of us. Through this realisation and understanding of life, happiness and health can be manifest. With further comprehension, you can learn to balance with the energies within and around you.

Each of us, as human beings, walk the pathway of life, living our lives to the best of our ability. Many of us are blind to all of the influences affecting us both internally and externally. We are not fully aware of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within ourselves, and the universe around us. These energies affect each of us as human beings in varying ways.

The reality of existence is both complex and simple. The whole of creation as we know it is energy and is in itself controlled through energy. We are beings who exist with energy, and without energy, we cannot exist at all. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you will attain an understanding that you are more than the physical mechanism of your body or the persona of your mental mind. You are an amalgamation of many different energy forms, which make up the various component parts of you.

Energies continually ebb and flow through and around the body. Your own personal experiences will give an insight into the energies which mentally, physically and emotionally affect you in some form or another.

You are energy, continually being influenced and affected by the energies of your thoughts and emotions, as well as the energies of the thoughts and emotions of others and external energies. Through the application of your active intellect, you can comprehend how these aspects can influence your life. Opening the doorway to inner knowledge will enliven your intellect to how thoughts and emotions create energy, where such energy is continually affecting all of us through causality.

Comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your life.

Your life as you know it, is the expression of your mind. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you will comprehend how energies of thoughts and emotions shape your life and the world around you. Initially, you may be surprised to find that you are living your life, by merely reacting to life and the stimuli around you, rather than living life with active intellect. In which case, your life is being manifest through your mental mind and persona.

Your mental mind, with its patterns of thinking and passive intellect, can bring forward thoughts, reactions, feelings and emotions from your experiences. How many times in your life have you been motivated or enthusiastic as you aspire to achieve or change aspects in your life such as: a healthy lifestyle, travel, study, starting a new business, saving more money, or changing aspects of yourself regarding home, work or family relationships? Yet in a short time, you find yourself falling back into your old patterns of behaviour and thinking. Without realising it, you have let the pre-programmed aspects or passive intellect of your mind take control of your life, setting you up to fall back to previous patterns of behaviour or failures of your best-laid plans.

Most of us do not understand, nor comprehend, how much we become completely involved with our strong thoughts and emotional reactions in our lives. Being so involved, we never have the opportunity to consider that it is our mind, which creates a substantial percentage of the sickness, unhappiness, fear and even depression prevalent within our lives. In all situations of life, we have the choice of how we react through active intelligence. You have the choice of staying balanced and in control, or following your passive intellect of emotional reactions and excuses, based on your pre-programmed patterns of thinking.

On a day-to-day basis, your mental mind will react without active intellect; leading you to follow pre-programmed reactions. In this way, your mind and persona are in control of your life. We live life to the best of our ability but are ill-informed as to all the influences affecting us.

Accessing your Life Force energies gives you the opportunity to bring harmony within yourself and resonate within higher states of consciousness. Through such activities, you can bring active intellect within your life to free yourself from the mental and emotional limitations of your passive intellect. You can change your emotional patterns of thinking into positive and creative higher levels of mind for physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Seek your inner knowledge through active intelligence.

Take control of your life through the application of active intellect guided by your inner knowledge and Life Force. You then can make decisions and evaluate situations more clearly. This is the difference of not reacting to life, but actually responding consciously and living life with active intellect.

Liberate and expand your mind by changing your mental wavelengths to remove the restrictions which have been placed upon you. An open, peaceful and enquiring mind will help you to overcome your passive intellect and to surpass your emotional barriers, so that you may understand the ways in which energies shape and control all of our lives.

You have the ability to awaken and bring forward the energies of your Life Force to bridge the gap between material life and your true inner nature. Understanding of reality can then be gained through personal experience based upon inner knowledge. Through the understanding of self, you can realise your true existence and apply it in your life.

Realise that your mind controls you through passive intellect and suppresses the true nature of your Life Force. Take a moment to begin to really notice how you think and act the way you do. Reaching within to your inner knowledge through enlivening your Life Force will bring balance and harmony within your life.


KnowledgeIllumement in it simple and purest form, is all-encompassing harmlessness to be at one with yourself. The achievement or practice of illumement requires that you bring all of your own energies (your Life Force energies as well as your thoughts and emotions) into a state of balance and harmony. Through illumement, you will access the true energies of your Life Force and in turn, illuminate your life with the energies of harmlessness.

Illumement, like other practices such as meditation, has many different connotations depending upon the reason for undertaking them. Illumement can be simply stated as being at one with your true self. Through learning to bring quietness to your mind and silencing the endless noise of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, gradually the essence of your true self, the Life Force, begins to emerge.

The light of your Life Force, the true self within all people, is hidden behind barriers of material thoughts, emotions and feelings which have been built up by your mind and persona. Through an open, peaceful and quiet mind, this light of your Life Force can be awakened.

An essential part of illumement is to leverage your active intellect to bring about a quietness and calmness of your mind. This is an important and often overlooked step upon the pathway, which must be understood. You must learn to bring a calmness and quietness to your mind, otherwise, as the energies of your Life Force awakens, these energies can feed the rampant and uncontrolled thoughts and emotions of your passive intellect.

illumenent is to understand your place in creation as an energy being.

To understand illumement is to understand creation, its energies and your place within creation as an energy being. The breaking down of the emotional immersion and breaking free of the passive intellectual reactions, gradually but surely releases more of your Life Force energies. The energies and strength of your Life Force then flow into the component parts of you and into the world at large.

As you continue to work with the energies of your Life Force, the light of your Life Force shines progressively more into your mind. As you balance and harmonise with the energies of your Life Force, then gradually your Life Force mind will begin to awaken, asserting control over your mental mind and passive intellect. As the Life Force mind takes control of the consciousness mind, a more complete state of illumement can be realised, freeing you from the emotional rollercoaster of life.

Through the practice of cognition (a true calmness of mind), illumement can be more easily achieved. Through higher states of illumement, you can experience the realities of the energies which exist within you and around you. Through deeper states of cognition, the complexities and reality of the world around us within the wider cosmos can be more fully appreciated and understood.

Your personal experiences will give you the insight, understanding and motivation to change the way you feel, think and react. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you are given directives and activities to apply your Life Force energies into your daily life. This allows you to surpass the achievements of mindfulness and positive thinking which are limited to the mental mind, so that you can free yourself of physical, psychological and emotional limitations.


KnowledgeEntering into a state of Cognition is to quieten your mind with a dedicated purpose of thought, so that you may begin to awaken your Life Force energies. Accessing the energies of your Life Force through cognition will enable you to bring forward the many aspects of Multi-faceted Knowledge for success, harmony and balance.

Cognition, when conducted correctly with the tools of ekagrata and creative imaging, brings about a quiet and purposeful mind. Ekagrata is the capability to build and maintain focused thought to achieve the task at hand. Creative imagery strengthens your focus of thought through your ability to imagine or visualise the end goal. These aspects can be achieved and applied in your life, no matter who you are. You are responsible for your own progress or failure. Take the time in your life to comprehend and experience what these tools can do for you.

When you are in an emotional state, the passive intellect of your mind can feed you an endless list of thoughts and corresponding emotions and feelings of self-limitations, excuses, fears and insecurities which hold you in an emotional jail. These energies of your thoughts and emotions encase you, and take their toll on your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Change the preconceptions of how your mind works.

To fully realise the complexities of the mind, you must change your preconceptions concerning it. The mind is composed of many different energy levels and sub-levels through which your persona is manifest as one complete unit. Each level and sub-level of the mind is associated to a specific range of thoughts and holds these different types of thoughts and energies in storage areas, corresponding to aspects within you. The levels of mind range from the very coarse levels to higher levels of conscious thoughts and reasoning. An important point to understand is that your mind can quickly fluctuate and resonate within these different levels based upon your emotional perceptions and reactions to people or situations happening around you.

The level of mind you use and communicate through is equal to the thought patterns you allow to manifest within your mind at any given time. You may be moody, cheerful, insecure, confident, thinking clearly or confused, enjoying your work or making it a drudgery. Realise that your mind fluctuates and uses many sub mental levels and mental levels throughout any given day.

Cognition can play an important role in helping you to change your state of mind and your state of being. Within an unemotional and less fluctuating state of mind, the energies of your Life Force can rejuvenate, regenerate and revitalise all parts of you. Learning to enter into a state of cognition, will help you to bring mastery to your states of mind and to "switch off" from the world whenever you need to.

The various parts of your human mechanism often vibrate at many different frequencies, which can cause interference to your clear thought and achieving the silence of mind and thus your state of cognition. The various activities and directives provided by The Life Force Institute will assist you in bringing greater harmony and less static discourse within, so that you can achieve a more complete state of cognition.

Cognition surpasses the states of meditation.

Cognition is to achieve release from your material worries and upsets by entering into a tranquil state. As you do, your energy vibration will move into a more finite and less emotional state, into what some would call a meditative state. Cognition quietens the mind, instilling calmness and importantly surpasses the states of meditation by providing a purpose to hold the thoughts of your mind in check. Without the mind being tasked with a purpose, many people have problems meditating, as the mind will continually bring forwards thoughts, emotions and feelings from the passive intellect.

Tapping into the energies of your Life Force through Cognition moves you out of the patterns of your passive intellect, which frees you from your mental and emotional limitations. Applying these skills in your daily life, can help you to change your mental wavelengths to stay calm, balanced and in control. Learn to control your mind with Cognition, rather than your mind, emotions and feelings being the master of your life.

Cognition is a journey into the silence of your mind with a purpose, allowing you to activate your Life Force energies, to achieve levels of higher awareness and an understanding of the many states and levels within creation. As balance and control of the emotions are gained through illumement, your energy capabilities are enhanced. This can enable you to attain the fundamental qualities of good health, mental wellbeing, stability and happiness in your life.

The Universal Force

KnowledgeThe Universal Force is present throughout the universe. Open your mind, even if only for a brief moment, to expand your consciousness beyond the boundaries of time and space. Take a moment to glimpse the magnitude of creation and marvel at its wonderment within the stars and its creative force within the human form. Contemplate that you are within the Universal Force and the Universal Force is within you.

Creation within more finite states is undoubtedly not perceivable to the ordinary senses. The Universal Force, all that is energy, is present throughout the universe. It is an energy which is throughout all of the atoms and molecules; as well as being present throughout all galaxies of the cosmos, transcending and within all the trillions upon trillions of stars and planets within the universe. The Universal Force is within all time and space, being the limitless creative energy of perfect harmlessness. The Universal Force is not a deity or mystical being, but is omnipotent energy; the oneness of pure creation from which everything is derived. All of creation is a manifestation of the Universal Force through the aspect of "All that I am."

The Universal Force permeates all things to keep them vital.

The Universal Force permeates all things and manifests to keep them alive and vital. This Vital Force of Creation consists of minute particles of energy which flow from the Universal Force. It feeds everything and maintains the structure of the Universe as we know and perceive it. Without the Universal Force and the Vital Force, all matter would decay into an uncontrolled state or higher state of entropy.

There is a reservoir of universal energy and Vital Force all around you. You are immersed within the energies of the Universal Force, but so few people are aware of its existence. The energies of the Universal Force fills the void with Prema, an omnipresent power of harmlessness. Knowing and experiencing this energy as you breathe it into every part of your being can bring great strength, harmony and upliftment to all aspects of your life.

Achieving harmlessness of your Life Force will call forth all your resources.

Harmlessness, in this positive sense, instils a strength of purpose and volition within your life for full attainment of your goals with balance and harmony. Do not confuse this harmlessness achieved through illumement with that which comes from weakness, lack of power and a sentimental, loving disposition. Harmlessness achieved through cognition and illumement springs from the true understanding and control of your passive intellect, mental mind and persona through your Life Force. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life - as true harmlessness works through right thought, governed by active intellect; right speech, governed by self-control and manifest into right action. Your quest to achieve true harmlessness of your Life Force, will take considerable time to achieve, as you will need to call forth all the resources of your being.

In life, if you want to be happy, you can, the choice is yours. Realise that negativity creates sickness, while conversely, happiness creates health. Learning to harmonise and balance with the Universal Force of goodness and kindness within ourselves, brings forward the fullest state of illumement. An all-encompassing illumement can be attained through cognition and the application of active intellect to bring balance, calmness and harmlessness within all aspects of your life.

The Life Force

KnowledgeAll that is life is energy. These living energies which are present in all living things are the Life Force. The Life Force enlivens the physical mechanism to sustain the body and all its working parts. Your Life Force energies are a distillation of the Universal Force and are animated with the Spark of the Essence.

Over the years, much has been written about the power source behind the physical mechanism. You may relate to this inner energy as an inner awareness, your true essence, your spirit dwelling within, or your soul to name but a few. Some may see this concept as elusive, vague, intangible and often a mystery hidden within religion. There is a need for you to have an open mind - a mind which is open to new ideas and concepts, as well as one which challenges and seeks personal experience before accepting something as true. The knowledge and experience of your Life Force energies bridge the gap between your material life and your true inner nature, without a need for blind faith.

Consider how you depict the worlds around you via your senses.

Let us consider for a moment how your five senses depict the world around you and how your mind interprets their input. Your eyes only see a small part of the universe around you, as only a narrow range of wavelengths are registered through your eyes and in your mind. You should realise that the wavelengths (390nm to 700nm) of visible light occupy only a small fraction of a percent (approximately 0.0035%) of the wavelengths from the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Then also realise, that the human ear is capable of hearing only those vibrations in a few of the octaves of audio frequencies. Through the senses of touch, taste and smell, the same is true regarding the ability for us as humans to perceive the full rate of frequency vibrations which exist within the universe.

As further deliberation, consider electricity which vibrates to a certain frequency in the wires in your home, as do all the various components which go into modern devices such as smartphones. The rate of vibration is imperceptible to your normal human senses, it is only through their manifestation in some form, that you can be sure of the existence of such energies.

Many people today are gradually realising the presence of a separate energy to that of the physical body; an unseen power source behind the mechanism. This power source is the Life Force. Realise that we can see less than one-hundredth of a percent of the known spectrum, which limits our perception of the diverse aspects of energies which exist within the universe and within ourselves.

You are of energy with a mind to think, evaluate, reason & learn.

Energy is the catalyst and creative force of the universe and life within it, which brings into existence atoms, molecules, planets, stars and galaxies. The human form is created of the same substance and controlled by the same energies; but is endowed with a mind to think, evaluate, reason and learn.

Plant life reacts to the energies of the Sun by turning its leaves and flowers towards it, to absorb the fullest amount of its life-giving rays. Whereas human beings, we can absorb and transform energies to sustain and heal our weary minds and bodies. You can draw within you the Universal Force to access the wonderful creative energies which exist around and through us all.

The science of life should become a normal everyday part of human existence, to open your mind and to expand the understanding of yourself. The Life Force Institute provides you with the knowledge to comprehend and manipulate these energies, giving you the insight to learn how to access and control the energies which are available around all of us. The energies can be drawn into the physical body or manipulated through the power of thought. With gradual manipulation and control of such energies, the human mind is capable of understanding the reality of self.

Life Force energies are the energies which you can attribute to life itself. These energies of life flow throughout the body. These energies are separate to the energies which the body itself produces through normal biochemical reactions. Your physical body as you know it, is composed of a more dense material energy, along with the senses, emotions and feelings. Your Life Force is an energy which is composed of a more infinite wavelength of energy, which is distributed throughout the human mechanism as energy to give life and sustenance to all its parts.

Your Life Force energies are key to your progress.

Within most of humanity, the Life Force energies only keep the body alive; through Cognition you can tap into the true potential of these energies. The energies of your Life Force for most people are limited through tension, worry and unhappiness, to name just a few. The human mechanism restricts the flow of your Life Force energies because of the absorption of fears, doubts and emotions. As an individual seeking to awaken your inner self, you can never fully control your mind or your body until the Life Force energies are appropriately recognised and harnessed. It is this recognition which brings to the fore the realisation that your Life Force energies are the keys to your health and wellbeing as you learn to use them to raise yourself into more finite states.

If your Life Force energies become known and understood, then their latent energies can be used by all those who strive to bring their inner life-giving energies forward. In the application of your Life Force energies, you have to first and foremost accept that this energy does exist within you. If acceptance is not reached, then every negative thought based upon its non-existence will create a barrier within your mind and success will not be achieved. Through personal experience, you will realise that these energies do exist within you, and the barrier of doubt is overcome.

Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, allows you to bring forward and recognise this inner power of your Life Force, to become a force within you and a power within your life. As you acquire knowledge and experiences in relation to Life Force energies, you can learn to apply them in your daily life to realise what an asset they can be to you.

Accessing your Life Force energies through Cognition & Ekagrata.

The ability to work with your Life Force energies is not a mystery but is achievable through Cognition (a true calmness of mind) and Ekagrata (focused thought). As you learn about this inner energy, you will find that you can apply it in many situations for whatever positive result you require. Strength, willpower, healing, upliftment; all these and more are possible through the correct application of this amazing energy source. Multi-faceted Knowledge is based on accessing your Life Force to expand the understanding of yourself and expand the capabilities of your Life Force as an energy being.

Accessing your Life Force energies gives you the opportunity to bring harmony within yourself and resonate within higher states of consciousness. Free yourself from physical, mental and emotional limitations through moving out of your conditioned emotional patterns of thinking into positive and creative higher levels of mind. Changing your mental wavelengths will enable you to calm and balance your thoughts, emotions and feelings. You then can make the right decisions, can see and evaluate situations which are not tainted or influenced by outside emotions.

Through accessing your Life Force energies, you will gain more confidence and relate to the changes taking place within you. Through experiencing your inner energies, you realise they exist within you. You will sense the flow of energies, the changing of your thoughts, the balancing of your mind and a stronger belief in yourself. These are only a few of the changes you can achieve through accessing your Life Force energies.

Armed with the comprehension of how you function as an energy being, you can learn to respond consciously to life and living rather than just reacting to every eventuality. You have the choice to structure your life in a creative and positive way to bring forward, independence and peace of mind.

When you bring forward your Life Force, over time with continued Cognition and the process of Ekagrata, you can rise to higher levels of awareness. Through these higher aspects, you can begin to understand and work with the diverse range of universal energies of creation.

Your Life Force is a distillation of the Universal Force within.

YYour Life Force energies are a distillation of the Universal Force and are animated with the Spark of Life. Your Life Force is the light within and is often seen as a form of sparkling light blue radiant energy.

To expand the reality of your true nature, which is your higher self, the energy within needs to be released from the restraints of material thought, to access the storehouse of energy and knowledge. Through multi-faceted knowledge, you are made aware of the many avenues of human endeavour which should be expressed in relation to your Life Force energies, enabling you to bring forward the strength and capabilities of your Life Force through Cognition.

As the understanding of human emotions, actions and reactions become more apparent to you; you realise that human reasoning typically is based on ego and past mistakes. This awareness assists you to control your emotional conditioned mind so that you may overcome many aspects such as insecurities or despondency within you.

Live every thought with higher reasoning.

The awakening of your Life Force has to be controlled by you, as the component parts of your being must adjust to the energies of your Life Force on a gradual basis. As you access your Life Force energies, they begin to blossom and radiate into the world. When your Life Force energies awaken, they will over time call upon more energies as your Life Force attempts to break free of the dense material form. Your Life Force will try to release itself from the emotional instability of the human body; to gain control of your life, so that you can live every thought, emotion and feeling with high reasoning.

How long will it take to release the wonder of your Life Force? Much depends on your ability to have an open mind to challenge the accepted conditioning that has built up over the years. The awakening of your Life Force depends on your willingness to place your will to the fore through Ekagrata and entering into the silence within your Life Force mind.

To achieve a true Cognitive state, you will have to learn to control the mind and silence it with your will. Suppressing the rampant thoughts of your mind is an essential step in enabling you to release your Life Force energies and access your Life Force mind. Freedom to express its power and strength will enable you to overcome the emotions and feelings so that only reasoning through the Life Force Mind remains. It will be the first step toward the understanding of your relationship to the Universal Force and the universe of energy which exists around you.

The Life Force within you is cosmic in nature, having continual existence as an energy being. You will come to realise that you are Life Force manifest; you are a Life Force being.

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