KnowledgeIllumement in it simple and purest form, is all-encompassing harmlessness to be at one with yourself. The achievement or practice of illumement requires that you bring all of your own energies (your Life Force energies as well as your thoughts and emotions) into a state of balance and harmony. Through illumement, you will access the true energies of your Life Force and in turn, illuminate your life with the energies of harmlessness.

Illumement, like other practices such as meditation, has many different connotations depending upon the reason for undertaking them. Illumement can be simply stated as being at one with your true self. Through learning to bring quietness to your mind and silencing the endless noise of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, gradually the essence of your true self, the Life Force, begins to emerge.

The light of your Life Force, the true self within all people, is hidden behind barriers of material thoughts, emotions and feelings which have been built up by your mind and persona. Through an open, peaceful and quiet mind, this light of your Life Force can be awakened.

An essential part of illumement is to leverage your active intellect to bring about a quietness and calmness of your mind. This is an important and often overlooked step upon the pathway, which must be understood. You must learn to bring a calmness and quietness to your mind, otherwise, as the energies of your Life Force awakens, these energies can feed the rampant and uncontrolled thoughts and emotions of your passive intellect.

illumenent is to understand your place in creation as an energy being.

To understand illumement is to understand creation, its energies and your place within creation as an energy being. The breaking down of the emotional immersion and breaking free of the passive intellectual reactions, gradually but surely releases more of your Life Force energies. The energies and strength of your Life Force then flow into the component parts of you and into the world at large.

As you continue to work with the energies of your Life Force, the light of your Life Force shines progressively more into your mind. As you balance and harmonise with the energies of your Life Force, then gradually your Life Force mind will begin to awaken, asserting control over your mental mind and passive intellect. As the Life Force mind takes control of the consciousness mind, a more complete state of illumement can be realised, freeing you from the emotional rollercoaster of life.

Through the practice of cognition (a true calmness of mind), illumement can be more easily achieved. Through higher states of illumement, you can experience the realities of the energies which exist within you and around you. Through deeper states of cognition, the complexities and reality of the world around us within the wider cosmos can be more fully appreciated and understood.

Your personal experiences will give you the insight, understanding and motivation to change the way you feel, think and react. Through the activities and knowledge gained from The Life Force Institute, you are given directives and activities to apply your Life Force energies into your daily life. This allows you to surpass the achievements of mindfulness and positive thinking which are limited to the mental mind, so that you can free yourself of physical, psychological and emotional limitations.

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