Active Intelligence

KnowledgeIntelligence can be defined as the ability to reason & solve problems, to think abstractly, to comprehend complex ideas, to learn from experiences; as well as the capacity for logic, planning, understanding and self-awareness. Intelligence also includes your ability to perceive information and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviours within your life. From a psychology viewpoint, intelligence defines the ability to think, to comprehend or perceive our surroundings.

Intelligence can be categorised into passive and active intellect. Passive intelligence is the ability to distinguish between one thing and another but without free will; as the choice is pre-determined or pre-programmed. Animals, computers, artificial intelligence (AI) and many mechanical and psychological constructions are typical of systems which have passive intelligence.

The term of active intellect first appeared in Aristotle’s work “De anima”. Students of philosophy continue to debate Aristotle’s intent as the term was never defined, but implied. During the medieval period, “Intellectus”, a translation for the Greek philosophical term “Nous”, became widely used to mean understanding linked to the metaphysical and cosmological theories. It became a source of intense discussion as various thinkers sought to reconcile their commitment to Aristotle’s account of the body and soul to their own theological commitments. Some thinkers of the time attributed higher forms of intellect with the Creator, Universal Intellect or God.

Apply your intellect and volition to achieve Active Intelligence in your life.

Active intelligence builds upon passive intellect, discernment and awareness. Active intelligence is the manifestation of intellect through free will or volition to freely choose any option.

As individuals, each of us differs from one another in our ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt effectively to our environment, to learn from experience and to engage in various forms of reasoning through the application of active intelligence. These differences are never entirely consistent as your intellectual capabilities will vary on different occasions and in different aspects of your life.

As humankind, we possess higher intellect and all the faculties of life, perception, imagination and intellection. The cognitive powers of your mind and your faculties of knowledge operate on multiple co-related aspects. The first aspect depends on bodily organs, while subsequent aspects are more refined and finite in nature. Through active intelligence, as humans, we have the ability and the capacity to combine all aspects of our intellect to manifest into life. Through the skills of cognition gained through The Life Force Institute, your active intelligence can illuminate your life, in the same way as light renders colours visible in the world around us.

In your life, you have active intelligence which carries causality as you apply your free will. Active Intelligence, along with the understanding of yourself and the energies affecting you provide you with a glimpse of the intricacies of causality which are integrated into the human mechanism and your life. This mechanism is set up to create causality to everything you think, express or do within your life. Each part of life, each action, each non-action, each and every thought has causality. Comprehending causality and the various relationships of energies through matter and its qualities form the basis of multi-faceted knowledge.

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