The Power of Thoughts

Many of us are familiar with the concepts of positive thinking. You may have read or even understand how the use of mantras and other means can give us all the opportunity to bring forward aspects within our lives.

But, have you really taken the time to consider the power of your own thoughts. If you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative or detrimental thought again. Take the time to contemplate the power of your thoughts and how powerfully they affect your life.

Negative Thoughts are Loudest within

When you speak ill of others, consider that it hurts you more than it hurts them. This is because your unkind thoughts are the loudest within you. All of your thoughts arise within your mind. Some may flow out into the world in the words you speak or use. These thoughts are at their highest intensity within you.

No matter what situation you are in or how hurt you are, you do not need to have the last word or symbolically win the argument. If you are angry, annoyed or otherwise emotional, you may find that your last words can often obliterate good intentions or even the good memories.

Try to catch any unkind thoughts before they become expressed out into the world; pause, then ask yourself do you really want to be this way. Pausing will help to break the cycle of your conditional reactions, allowing you to change your thoughts to those which you will not later regret.

Become Aware

How many times do we look back at situations in our lives and recognise that, with hindsight, we could have acted or reacted differently? If you become aware of your thoughts, emotions and feelings, then you have the opportunity to no longer become lost in these aspects. When you are angry, be aware of your anger. If you become stressed, be aware of your stress. When you become annoyed or irritated, be aware of your irritation.

As soon as you become aware of these thoughts, emotions or feelings, you have the opportunity to choose how to act or react. Your awareness allows you to become mindful as you witness these aspects as if you were viewing them from the outside looking in. Once you are aware, you can pause, then make a choice to change your way of thinking or react differently.

Fundamental Fourth Step

The fundamental Fourth Step activity investigates how excuses of your mind can be a major factor for not changing aspects of your life. You will investigate thoughts and emotional responses which arise due to the words or actions of others.

The activity will extend on your mindful breathing and Line of Light to centre yourself and bring your emotions into balance. Take this opportunity to reevaluate your thinking and realise how the excuses of your mind can affect you for not making changes in your life.

Rise above Darkness of Thoughts

Thoughts, emotions and feelings of a detrimental nature are of a dark tone or hue. The dark colour of these unconstructive, coarse or detrimental aspects oozes into and through every cell of your body, leading to blockages or overloads. Whereas positive aspects, such as warmth, kindness and sincerity have a lightness and radiance which shines out, rejuvenating, repairing and replenishing the cells of your body.

Pause to evaluate and change your thinking, so that you may rise above the darkness of detrimental thoughts to bring about wellbeing of self.

Are Thoughts more than a Biological Process?

Thought is a fundamental human activity and something all of us do every day. The complexity of the brain and thought can be demonstrated as you read these words. From a functional and biological perspective, the photons of light associated with the patterns of these letters are focused onto the retina of your eye. The neuron responds with its own electrical signal, which then in-turn propagates along the optic nerves and into the brain. Within a few hundred milliseconds, the signal has spread to the many interconnected areas of your brain and you have perceived these words. However, are your thoughts more than just this biological process within your brain?

Pause for a while to consider how your thoughts are more than just a biological process – see that your thoughts have energy.

Fundamental Third Step

Evaluating your thinking will give you an understanding of the importance of quietening your mind. The fundamental Third Step activity touches on several aspects of the reality of your thoughts. Examine how your endless questioning mind and the mental victim within manifest as the realities of the thinking mind.

The activity extends your mindful breathing and Line of Light to enable you to centre yourself and relax your body. Then take the opportunity to consider how endless varying thoughts can control and cause emotional responses within you.

What is Harmlessness?

Harmlessness instils a strength of purpose and volition within your life for full attainment of your intentions. Harmlessness achieved through illumement springs from the control of your passive intellect, and through the understanding of your mind and persona.

True harmlessness works through right thought, governed by active intellect; right speech, governed by self-control and manifest into right action. This inevitably leads to a higher expression of yourself into your everyday life. Consider how to incorporate harmlessness into your everyday life.

Become Master of your Reactions

Stop and learn to control your mind, rather than your mind, emotions and feelings being the master of your life. Tapping into the energies of your Life Force, through Cognition, which can move you out of the patterns of your passive intellect. Doing so, allows you to free your mind from your mental and emotional limitations.

Applying these skills in your daily life, can help you to change your mental wavelengths to stay calm, balanced and in control.

Focused Thought

Your thoughts are the most powerful when focused with intent. When your thoughts lack focus, it is akin to light passing through a prism compared to passing through a magnifying glass. While light may travel through both the prism and the magnifying glass, what happens to the light afterwards is very different. The same is true of
your thoughts, learn how to focus your thoughts, rather than let them be scattered. Many of the practices which are embodied in mindfulness and meditation can help you to focus your thoughts, while true ekagrata can be achieved through Life Force Cognition.