When to Meditate

Many people ask when or what time of day should I meditate? There is no golden rule on the subject, but most will agree that the most important aspect is to create some time for you, irrespective of the time of day or any schedule.

While formal meditation practice in a peaceful place where you are unlikely to be disturbed is beneficial, there should be no reason why you can not apply aspects at other times or places in your life. You can apply aspects of mindfulness, meditation or Life Force cognition at any time and in any place. Indeed it can often be in these hectic or uncontrolled moments when you need the benefits of these practices the most.

There are many times throughout the day when you can apply your attention to help bring aspects of calmness within you. When you are on a train or bus, you could bring your attention to your breath. As you walk down the street, or through the park, you could focus on the sounds you hear. What’s important is that you are in that moment, mindfulness should not be a chore to be performed once a week.

Many of the aspects of Breathe with Purpose and Life Force Mindfulness, once programmed within your mind, can be easily recalled and applied at any time in your life. You can apply these techniques without the rigour of a schedule; all that you need is sufficient time on commencing any activity, then you can benefit from their application at any time in your life.

Updating your Lifestyle with Health & Happiness

The Life Force Institute bridges the gap of material life and the inner nature of the Life Force, illuminating your life through science and light.

Through The Life Force Institute you will comprehend how the energies of thoughts and emotions shape your world. We are beings who exist with energy and without energy we cannot exist at all.

Insight and understanding comes from your own personal experiences. We all strive for good health, happiness and wellbeing within our lives. As you apply the knowledge gained through The Life Force Institute, these aspects are achievable.

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Realise Your Energy

Humanity has been living within the human form but the energy structure we live within is not fully understood. For personal wellbeing, the functioning of this intricate mechanism needs to be a priority. Even though the physical form seems solid, it is largely void. Understand your energy that the underlying power source is the Life Force.

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